10 effects of licorice you should know

Licorice is known to be a favorite spice or drink. It also has other uses for health as follows.
According Tien phone, sweet orange, calculated average. There are benefits of gas, detoxification, supplements nourishing, laxatives, chemically. Oriental medicine used licorice to reduce toxicity in some medications such as overheating, too cold, …

Licorice is 50 times as sweet as sugar cane, so licorice is used in confectionery technology or as daily drinking water.

Licorice is used to treat colds and respiratory diseases :

Longevity licorice is a medicine for colds, pharyngitis, and bronchitis. Licorice helps to expel mucus, dilutes mucus in the respiratory tract while also supports allergy treatment, allergic rhinitis, and fever, headache relief.

Licorice works to heal stomach ulcers:

Legislation and society have suggested that glycyrrhizinate contains the active ingredient that promotes wound healing in gastric ulcers.

Licorice can protect the lining of the stomach by promoting the action of the cells to increase gastric mucus secretion. It then protects the mucosa from the stomach, promoting healing of the sores. In addition, licorice contains flavonoids that help inhibit the growth of gastric ulcer in most patients.

Licorice helps prevent viral infections:

Licorice stimulates the interferon in the body from which it boosts the immune system. These interferons are proteins produced by the body’s cells when the virus attacks to prevent the virus from growing, preventing viral diseases, especially herpes simplex and genital herpes caused by the herpes simplex virus.

Licorice has the effect of reducing the symptoms of menopause:

Flavonoids and estrogens are two substances in licorice that reduce menopausal symptoms such as fatigue, body aches and discomfort, and pain relief. periods.

Licorice has a protective effect on the heart:

Licorice helps control cholesterol levels by increasing the amount of bile in the body. Excess cholesterol in the body can be removed. Acidic baths and licorice can also prevent harmful cholesterol oxidation leading to cardiovascular disease.

Licorice helps improve the function of the adrenal glands:

Licorice root contains glycyrrhizic acid which enhances the function of the adrenal glands. This glycyrrhizic acid slows down the breakdown of cortisol hormones thereby ensuring long-term stability of depression, chronic fatigue, and anxiety.

Licorice is softening and soothing:

Licorice is often used in cases of dermatitis such as eczema, atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, pruritus and dry skin.

Some side effects of licorice:

The overdose of licorice will lead to hypertension, diarrhea or some digestive problems, lower blood potassium, etc.

If overdose of licorice, the liver and heart is also a major damage. Do not use licorice root for people with diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiovascular, liver, kidney, … and especially pregnant women

Heal of AIDS:

Because glycolic acid is composed of coactivating agents, it has the potential to metabolize substances such as electrolytes that retain sodium and chloride in the body for potassium excretion and can be used to treat AIDS.

What is licorice and who should be licorice?

Useful for many diseases of licorice
Licorice use for life, the effect of fire, heat exhaustion; Use ripe fruit to get the symptoms. Treatment of throat pain, except for heat, tempered air, blood pressure, Tz taste, and laxative.

Licorice has a silver glow that the back can up but can down, it is the yin-yang in yang. Because the positive populate it with sweet, it is the sweet, warmth that is minus the heat. So licorice live the gas, can be Tz Taste, when not enough, can describe the heart, gas, residual.

If you use the gas, it can be a little warm air, can be adjusted to the gas of the pepper, but can be solder, except the heat, so that the fire that burns it to the Tz pain. abdominal cramping, shrinking.

Licorice is toxic for young children:

Herbal medicine has a fire effect, pain relief, it is red outside, inside the gold, so its color includes the guinea pigs and warts. Nitrogen, silver gas is purely due to the virtue of the earth, so it has a harmonious combination of drugs.

It is a drug of great merit as a senator, which treats the deviant, disequilibrium of the sick, which means that it is likened to a person who is educated in the right way. Licorice is a medicine as a good general for peace.

What is licorice and who should be licorice?

Spring licorice sees new kindergarten, summer to many leaves, autumn has flowers, winter fruit. So in one year four seasons, even though the weather changed color, it was still yellow, sweet, it was in harmony with the virtues of Turkey, harmony with all the gas, so there is no place it cannot come, no Which is not chasing. So someone told him to master the organs of the organs so that it would expel all the welding, heat, gas out

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