13 amazing aloe vera benefits

Aloe is loved not only by its rich beauty benefits but also because it can be processed very simply and still guarantees its inherent properties.


Aloe Vera contains many moisturizers, so it is no wonder that you use them as a natural moisturizing gel for the face and body. In fact, this is one of the most popular uses of aloe because they are almost universally applicable to all skin types, and without the impact of chemicals, it is very much used by women. It will be perfect and inexpensive if you use it according to the function of moisturizer. When applied, the skin will quickly absorb nutrients of aloe. Aloe Vera is also used to treat acne.

Shrink Pores

The juice is rich in aloe leaf extract. It is estimated that they contain 19 essential amino acids, B vitamins such as B12, vitamin C, E & minerals such as iron, calcium, lecithin, magnesium, sodium potassium, manganese, and zinc. Aloe Vera has similar properties to astringent skin, so when applied on your face, it can reduce the appearance of pores and reduce pores, making skin more smooth.

Wiped acne egg fish

Aloe Vera has the ability to kill acne and dead cells, shrink pores and give you a toned skin. Apply aloe vera right to the acne when it is detected, to inhibit the development process. Also, if you have acne scars, apply aloe vera to it to quickly scar.


Take 100 grams of aloe vera (equivalent to 2 to 3 large leaves), cut off the outer shell, cut into small pieces, then into the kettle with 1 liter of water, boil for about 5 minutes. Then north off the stove, let cool. Place in the refrigerator for storage until use. Use this solution on your skin.

Overcome dry lips

The dry lips look very repulsive, reduce the look sexy, overcome by using plastic of aloe leaf to apply on dry lips. One day can be done a few times, you will see the results as you want.

Kill death cell

You can combine the youthfulness and smoothness of aloe vera with the exfoliating benefits of oatmeal or strawberry for a complete care of choda. This exfoliating moisturizing mask not only moisturizes, cleanses the skin, but also fights off deep wrinkles. You will need aloe vera gel, puree, and mashed almonds. Apply the mixture to the skin, massage gently for 5 minutes and then rinse. After skincare with this mask, you will feel a smooth, soft and youthful skin.

Beautiful and long nails

Research has shown that the effect of aloe leaf not only improves nail growth in a short time but also makes nails not broken and beautiful.

Shaving gel

If you use fresh aloe vera, you know the aloe leaf blossom is transparent, soft, thick and cool. This helps aloe vera is commonly used as gels. And if you are suffering from hair loss, use aloe vera as a moisturizing gel, apply it to your skin before shaving. They will help your skin more smoothly, making shaving easy as well as providing moisture to help soften the skin after shaving.

Makeup removes the eye area

It may sound strange, but this is one of the best uses of aloe. After a long day of wear and tear with a thick layer of makeup, take a cotton pad or cotton pad, absorb the aloe vera gel and rub it lightly on the face or eyes. Moisturizing, cleansing and moisturizing benefits of aloe vera leaves will leave your skin clean, cool and smooth after use.


Aloe vera benefits not only in the skin but also in the hair. Grab an aloe leaf, peel off the green leaf to get the gel inside, then apply it to your hair and massage the skin to absorb nutrients.


The benefits of aloe are not limited to the skin when applied to the hair, it also brings the same miracle. Grab an aloe leaf, cut it out, gently massage onto the oily skin. After that, rub the conditioner on your hair and rinse it off with clean water and you will have soft, light hair with a healthy scalp. Aloe Vera can also be used to soften curly, tangled hair before you blow the hair.

Increases hair growth

One of the effects of aloe vera is to help your hair grow long. All you need to do is use gel in fresh aloe leaves, massage with your hair for about 30 minutes and then rinse. Aloe Vera helps to clear the hair follicles, balance the pH and increase the moisture for the hair, which makes hair grow faster and grow faster. Even the Egyptians ancient used alone to care and provide for the hair conditioning agent is a healthy development.

Teeth care

If treatment with a dentist does not give you the desired results, consult your dentist and use the gel from aloe leaf instead of ginseng creams and ointments. Aloe Vera has been noted to have the ability to whiten natural teeth, fight bad breath, fight tooth decay, gum disease.

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