Crab: The ‘weed’ type is used to treat many diseases

Not only is the vegetable can be processed into many delicious dishes, crab vegetable is also known as a medicinal precious, used to treat sore throats, anemia, heat bar, detoxify the body …
Crab originated in South America. Today, it is widely grown in many countries. The scientific name of crayfish is Peperomia pellucida, belonging to the family Pepper (Piperaceae). In addition, crab vegetable also has many different names such as needles, buttons, daisies, daisies … Crab crabs live all year round in humid places when the body upright vertical. Growing up, the cows spread to the ground, then divided into several small branches, about 5 – 40cm tall, light green. The body of crab smooth vegetables, viscous, with sparse leaves.


According to Oriental medicine, crab vegetable has many effects such as heat bar, detoxification, diuretic … This is the food, medicine is suitable to treat heat, boils, itch, kidney damage Intense pain and inflammation of joint muscle pain due to heat.

According to modern medicine, 100g of crabmeat contains 92% water, 5.2mg vitamin C, 34mg of phosphorus, 277mg of potassium, 224mg of calcium, 62mg of magnesium, the iron of 3.2mg, carotenoids of 4,166 UI, calorie. Compared to other foods, carrots are higher in carrots than in beta-carotene (pre-vitamin A), which is higher than that of calcium and phosphorus. proline, protein, vitamin B, C, PP … are very good for health.
Many scientific studies have shown that crabmeat is effective in treating measles and smallpox, effectively curing mental disorders and infertility in women. In Nigeria and the Republic of Congo, people use it to treat seizures. Nigerian vegetarian crab cut leaves to cure breast cancer. Congo people take the color of this plant, then soak or mix with salt and palm oil and then used to cure the disease.

In some countries like the Philippines, crab leaves help cure ulcers and ulcers. Especially in China and Brazil, crab is not only used to cure boils, skin sores but also treat eye diseases such as conjunctivitis. According to the Javanese folk remedies, crushed crab leaves are used to treat malaria, headache. Juice from drinking leaves for abdominal pain. In addition, eating raw tops and crab leaves also work to treat a sore throat, high blood pressure as well as problems with the prostate.


1. Cure iron deficiency: crab meat beef noodle soup:

Crab meat is rich in vitamins, so it has the effect of iron supplementation on the body. You just need to use crabmeat mixed with beef to create delicious dumplings. Both ingredients are rich in iron, so this dish is very suitable for anemic people.

2. Cure Diabetes: Vegetable crabs stir fry with garlic:

Diabetics can eat steak crabs three times a week to keep blood glucose levels stable. To change your appetite, you can make crab stewed to be squeezed with duck frogs, fried frogs or simply crabmeat stir-fried with gar

3. Heat the body: Crab soup cooked fish mushrooms:

On hot days, or simply want to heat up the body, just a bowl of crab soup vegetables cooked mushrooms and fish balls will make the body full of vitality again. The vegetables are very easy to eat crabs, have sweet sweet tones.

4. Removes heat, sore throat or dry throat:

The crabs are washed and chewed or chopped to drink 50-100g per day.

5. Treatment of urinary incontinence, difficulty urinating:

Crabs (150-200g), washed with 330ml of water to boil, cooled to split twice for drinking a day, drink 5 days or eat raw can be very effective.

Diabetes mellitus, thirsty mouth: Wash the crabs with vinegar or fresh lemon juice, 100g of flesh, remove the skin, remove the fried meat and fried with gold and vegetables to eat 2-3 times.

6. Muscular back pain:

Just drink water from crab sticks from 50-100g / day will reduce the disease.

Some skin diseases such as dry skin, acne pruritus, healing wounds should heal wounds with crushed or crushed cayenne vegetables filtered for drinking water. As a boil itchy hot rash, take 150g crab crayfish washed or eat raw water to drink.

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