Improving sperm from many diseases

Chim will be a delicious, nutritious food not only with the beard but also with the sisters. Depending on the use of each dish, the sparrows are varied.

However, to achieve the best results, combining sparrows with some medicine and processing into effective medicine.

Birds also called home, stripped, parrot. Scientific name: Passer montanus macaccensis Dubois. (Passer domesticus L.). Spinach contains protid, lipid. Birds contain more protein, iron, hemoglobin. Eggs contain protid, lipid, vitamins A, D, E, mineral salts (Ca, P, Mn, Fe) and lecithin.

Sparrows in traditional medicine are called humiliation; egg sparrows called oocysts; Birds of blood and bird droppings are clove or marble.

According to Oriental medicine, the meat of sparrows sweet, warmth; on the kidneys. Has a positive effect on weight balance, wax, urine only asthma. Suitable for people with severe depression, diuretic diuresis, dysmenorrhea, white discharge, back pain knee pain, dizziness dizzy headache (asthma), asthma. Birds have sweet, tank, sound nature; have positive effects, positive. Sweet, sour, salty, sweet; Effect of renal positive, ejaculate. Bitter bitter taste; Effect of cumulative effect, brighten the eyes, anti-inflammatory. Everyday use 1 – 3, 4 children by cooking stew, roast fried, baked, fried.

Some medicinal herbs from sparrows

Slice of steamed sugar: 1 – 2 baby sparrows, alum sugar 10g. Sparrow cleansing, sugar for alum, basement water for nine. Good for someone who is pertussis, persistent cough due to chronic bronchitis allergic stimulant, asthma.

Rice porridge: 5 sparrows, 100g brown rice. Spoon clean, fried for nine, for cooking wine. Put rice and porridge into the water. When the porridge is onions and spices, eat when hungry. Suitable for patients with nausea, asthenia, asthma.

Soaked with soya beans, sugar palm sugar: two children, weighing 25g, 25kg hacienda. Either way, seafarers get the water off. For cleansing sparrows, sugar syrup, rinse water. Serve when hot. Treatment of pertussis, persistent cough due to chronic bronchitis inflammatory stimulant, asthma; Very good for kidney damage, back pain; fatigue, diuretic, diuretic, impotence, body weakness.

Marinated salted cinnamon sausage: 3 children, 9g cottage, pepper powder 3g, 6g sausage, cinnamon 6g. The medicinal powder is ground to a fine powder, divided into the sperm cleaned. Wet or wrapped paper wrapped in foil. Eat when hungry with alcohol. Used in cases of kidney damage, corrosion, hernia (gas).

Garlic ginger garlic ginseng: 15 pieces, 10g, 10g, ginger, garlic, an optional amount of beating. Clean, use sparrow fried with garlic ginger to ripe. Add boiling water, celery, spices, and seasonings, simmer for 1 hour. Good for male impotence, sexual dysplasia, sex decreased.

Sparrow: sparrow 5 children, 300g spoon. Spinach cleanses cooked, chopped, cooked with millet. When the porridge ripe, add 3 onions (thinly sliced), spicy salt and pepper. Eat when hungry. Cure depression, back pain, fatigue pill, diuretic impotence …

The potential of the fifth child: sparrows 5 children, the sentence of 20g, rabbit 10g, 10g buns, 5g death. Spoon clean, chopped, soaked wine. The decoction takes the water off. Get the meat cooked with the meat to the bird. Add seasonings, eat during the day. Renal dysfunction, blood loss, impotence, women infertility.

Cure dry blood women, treatment of infertility: eggs 40g sparrow, rabbit 12g, 4g. Eggs boiled, peeled, dried, powdered; rabbits and powdered kneaders. Blend the two powders or after blending with honey made into tablets. Drink 2 times, 10g each time, with a little wine. Drink when hungry.

Cure yellow skin: 3g chicken, 3g red beans, cloves 3g. Dry, grind to a fine powder. Nasal inhalation, 2-3 times a day.

Relieve a swollen sore throat: seven-seeded sparrow, diameter just enough. Spread the birds, mix with sugar, made into 2 tablets. Soak and swallow the water gradually.

Abdominal cramps, cramps, chest pain ribs: sparrow 21 seeds, powdered, mixed with a little alcohol to drink.

Sparrows are used for the weak, physiologically impaired, or dizzy, headache due to anemia and asthenia. Soaking with alcohol (10%) has the effect of blackening hair, strong limbs, bright eyes. Hypertension is not used.

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