Light, beautiful when drinking water detox properly

Detox is a method of purifying the body, helping the internal organs to eliminate toxins, impurities, grease and excess water; so it works better. That is why detox is effective in losing weight.

Many famous nutritionists in the United States, such as Juliette Kellow or Linda Page also advised women to use detox water daily.

Research on the National Library of Medicine found that detox can fill the stomach so you do not feel hungry while boosting metabolism and replenishing energy for the body.

In many methods of detox water treatment, the experts encourage women to use the method of soaking fruit with water. This low-calorie low-calorie drink usually includes some fruits that come with herbal leaves soaked in water. When they soak in beneficial substances from fruits, vegetables will absorb water and produce vitamins that are beneficial to the human body.

Most detox formulas are simple. However, ladies should note that not all fruits can be soaked. Instead, choose fruits that are low in sugar, rich in vitamin C such as pineapple, orange, lemon, grapefruit, apples, strawberries, cucumbers…

Store the detox water properly

Besides the preparation, how to preserve, detox water is long questioned by many people. Typically, each detox formula will be accompanied by a 3-day, 5-day, 7-day or longer process. People often detox themselves, then break through many bottles to drink at home, bring to work and refresh after exercise.

You can store detox water in the refrigerator or at room temperature. However, people who use detox should avoid using the old one the day before. At best, you should mix it and drink it all day.

The popular choice for women’s detox water is mainly metal pots, glass or plastic.
Of the three types above, metal cylinders possess good thermal retention capacity. However, if it is soaked in water, it is not appropriate. Many recent scientific studies have warned that during the soaking of detoxicidal fruit, acidic fruits such as oranges and limes will easily react with the alloys in the thermos jar to form toxic substances…

Detox properly not only bring aesthetic effect but also make the body more abundant energy source, improve the immune system.

1. Promote body energy

Many people who go through the detox process share they always feel energized. When you detox, you will have to cut down on sugar, caffeine and fat, replacing them with fruits and vegetables. It contains abundant natural energy sources and provides enough water for the body.

2. Toxins

Every day, we always face the attack of harmful chemicals that the body can not completely eliminate itself. Toxins stay everywhere, in the air, food, water.

Not only that, the body itself produces the toxins when we experience stress, a brief affair, or the pressure of worries in our daily lives.

All these toxins, if accumulated in the body, produce many kinds of illnesses. Therefore, detox is essential to support your body to remove toxins, help you avoid illness and have a healthy body.

3. Weight Loss

Typically, when you take part in a detox phase, you will adjust yourself to a more balanced and rational diet, reducing excess energy and damaging your health. This helps you to reduce the energy intake, prevent fat accumulation in the body.

In addition, body cleansing also requires regular daily exercise, which in turn will help your body metabolize and burn fat faster, thus giving you The body is softer, the body is slimmer and slimmer.

4. Improve your immune system

The kidneys are one of the most important organs in the body’s cleansing process, by purifying the toxins in the blood and releasing it in the urine. In addition, the kidneys help to maintain the amount of fluid in the body is stable.

Therefore, the purification of the body not only helps the renal excretion function better, but it also regulates blood pressure, balances electrolytes, and helps stabilize the heart rate.

Another important secretory organ of the body is the digestive organs (namely the colon). A healthy digestive system needs about 85% of the gut and no more than 15% of the gut in the gut. Bacillus is one of the causes of gastrointestinal diseases such as gastric ulcer, stomach ulcer, food poisoning, diarrhea, constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, bowel inflammation, hemorrhoids.

Proper detoxing will help to ensure that the digestive system is maintained, thus ensuring the body avoids the many troublesome diseases mentioned above.

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