1. / Something about Lord Bee :

How is the leadership of the Lord’s ONG in the nest?

The queen is the only bee in the herd that releases a special substance known as the “princess” of science called Formal.

Thanks to this, the queen bee controls everything in its management. A queen bee can produce about 30 different Formals for different purposes. For example:
– Formal attractive male bees to find them “Conjugate mating area created by the queen bee”

Formal inhibits ovarian development in workers’ bees so that they do not lay eggs and only the new queen bees lay eggs.

– Formal harbors an instinctive harness of the bee’s knight to create the uniqueness of the queen bee is unique

– Formal stimulates worker bees to find nectar to accumulate food in the nest.
– Formal stimulates the worker bees to care and create the princess to drink royal jelly throughout his life. During the queen bee care workers, many types of Formal secretion on the worker’s bees and so the princess spread all over the nest. This proves that the queen bee is transmitting information that “Leaders” are always accompanying and controlling all members of the herd.

That is why God is the center of all bees. He lives in the largest private villa (the largest honey bee) created by worker bees.

=> Conclusion Lord Bee is the best leader in the insect world

2. / About Men’s Ong :

Males spend about 2% of the population in the herd, because there is no tattoo venom should not be injected, nor have bags of pollen should not go to get nectar.
Its only mission is to mate with the Lord. However, these bees mate only with other queen bees in their nests, not their nests, to avoid inbreeding.
The mating process of bees takes place in the air, the males flying fast and healthy new mate with the bees. After mating, males will die. The Beast Man is very courageous to maintain the race despite the sacrifices but still carrying out the mission

3. / Something about Honey Worker

It accounts for over 98% of the population, which is female but cannot produce eggs. Its job is to go out and find pollen and honey, care for larvae it must build the nest and care for the Lord again. At the same time, he also held the order in the flock.
The beeswares work tirelessly until their wings are torn and fall to the ground dead or old and die. The lifetime achievement of a bee worker is to create nearly 1 teaspoon honey. So Bee is an example of labor hard work.

There are also reconnaissance bees, bees…


⇒ In summary, there is decentralization and decentralization. Performance and responsibility are very high. Sacrifice for the sake of life and dedication. So bees are a perfect organization in the insect world.

Write here I am referring to human society. There are many people living for their own fame, but somewhere there are people who live their lives. To think of it makes my heart more relaxed to live.

The role and mission of the queen bee in the bee

Each bee colony has only one queen bee. If the nest has 2 queen bees, it will be separated sooner or later. Or new queen was born to replace the old princess was old.

Queen is a mature female bee. Its main task is to lay eggs to increase the troops and ensure the existence of the bee colonies. In addition, royal bees also release Feromol – “lord” to maintain the social order of bees.

A queen bee is actually considered a lord when it spawns the bees and governs the bee. When laying eggs, the queen bee is just a female ordinary bee.

Queen bees similar to the worker bees are born from fertilized eggs. However, the other was that the queen bee larvae were cared for in the rabbit hat and were fed completely by the mulberry workers. The bee larvae are kept in regular nests, which are fed only for the first three days and then fed with bile and pollen until they mature.

As the mother of the whole bee, bees carefully caring workers and eat the most nutritious food even if the bees are scarce food. Therefore, the life expectancy is quite long, on average 3 years even up to 5-6 years. However, the most beautiful princess in the first 1-2 years only. Older queens, the rate of laying eggs unfertilized large. The less the Ferrol content, the less likely it will be for the bee builder and the new lord.

Large royal jelly, short wings, long elastic belly, contains two growing ovaries. The back, the broad chest, and the royal jaw are black or dark brown.

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