Sweet sour soup with tofu

When it comes to a delicious sour soup, apart from the necessity of meat or seafood, we can not fail to mention the synthesis of vegetables. Besides the leaves of tamarind, coriander, white lemongrass, lemongrass, chili, tomato, pineapple, a delicious sour pickle leaves that seem to have a little housewife used to, it is young leaves.

Coc tree is easy to plant. In our country, this plant is grown or sprouted naturally in all regions. People are planting toad for fruit rather than leaf. However, a long time ago, people in the mountain to work in the field usually pick young leaves to cook sour soup. This dish is delicious, it echoes away, and today it is widely known as a specialty home.

To cook sour soup tofu leaves, pick young leaves to sprout. Both stem and leaf because the stalks are very crunchy, the leaves are sour, so cooking pots will be strong. The toad is ready to cook, but you can choose the right type of meat, but it is best to cook with seafood, fish, peanuts, fish, fish … because these fish are fishy. New unique sour soup.

First of all, you need to fly, put the fish in the pot for nine hunting and then pour water into cooked boiling fish. At this time, it is possible to add the lemongrass to the water to smelt. When the fish or meat is cooked, cook the palm to lightly pour the prepared toad leaves and put in the pot. At this time, the green toad leaves turn yellow. We add a little pepper and spice seasoning, the pot will immediately switch to a pleasant aroma.

It is often said that sour soup not only eaten with the mouth but also with the eyes and nose. Yes, sour pickle leaves cooked with fishes are covered with gluten-colored grease, red chili peppers, yellow leaves of frog and fresh fish color, creating more beautiful, harmonious, with colorful.

The taste of sour toad leaves, delicious, delicious to make people eat pleasant, strange mouth stimulates the stomach to make delicious meals, different from the taste of the leaves, echinacea. The sour soup of sour leaves of frogs, just spicy hot pepper flavor is passionate fish fishes affect all senses, making the food will feel good, no taste.

Eating soups of sour leaves, suggesting people far from home hugging homesickness, remembering the countryside, remembering childhood and remembering the poor laborers in the countryside.

Therapeutic effects of deciduous tree

Here are some of the healing effects of the tree.

Cure rhinitis:

Lesson 1: Fresh, rinsed, crushed, crushed, squeezed 1-2 times a day, 2-3 drops at a time, 20-30 minutes at the back; one week (one course); In general, 1-3 courses are effective.

Lesson 2: Cranberry tree is fresh, round and stuffed into the nostrils. Effect of nasal decongestant, very good inflammation.

Note: These over-the-counter medications are only used to treat allergic rhinitis. For other types of rhinitis, such as acute rhinitis, chronic rhinitis alone, nasal sinusitis … also works quite well.

Cure the flu

Lesson 1: 100g fresh rind, washed, crushed juice extracted, add a little white wine, split 2 times a day; Drink warm (before warming up to warm). Has the effect of canopy welding, anti-virus. Treatment of cold influenza (cold, with symptoms: fever, cold fear, nasal congestion, watery nose, headache, body pain, …)

Lesson 2: Use dried toad, grated to a fine powder. Take 2 times, each time 6g (children reduce half a dose), with warm water. It has the effect of distributing welding, virus resistance. Treatment of new influenza, with the manifestation of the room.

Some other prescription medications include:

Lesson 1: Cough (wind) (exaggerated): Contour (dry 15g or 30g fresh), water 500ml, color 100ml, divided into 3 times a day.

Lesson 2: Cure for aching sores: use fresh toad, about a handful, retreat, fixed tape.

Lesson 3: Cure dermatitis: rubbed to the affected skin, anti-pruritus, inflammation.

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