Synthesize 8 easy-to-grow home plants

Vietnam bonsai market is very lively, to choose a kind of ornamental plant that is easy to grow, just beautiful is not easy. To help you solve this problem, this article will summarize the top 12 easy-to-grow plants at home, not only that, but these 12 plants are also suitable for busy people, not much time to Take care of the tree.

1. ivy seedlings:

Topping the list of easy-to-grow bonsai trees at home must remind the ivy. Often spring does not require much light to grow. They are suitable for growing fences, pots or hanging plants. A home-grown ivy pot can absorb volatile organic compounds or airborne pollutants generated by computers or electronic devices that can cause headaches and nausea.

2. Women’s hair:

Women’s hair does not need much care compared to other furniture. They grow best in shade, with sufficient humidity and light. The grass is a favorite soil for moist soil, so underneath the plant pot can leave a tray of water underneath to keep the moisture always stable.

Hair is suitable for growing in small pots and bonsai. Homeowners can also place on decorative tables, larger pots can be placed on windows, walkways or living rooms, office trees.

3. Spider wires:

Spider leaves are small and soft, elegant. Spider wires are an indoor bonsai, a plant that hangs leaves commonly found in indoor decor. A spider can be hung in a window or on a wall. Because the root system of water storage is very good, with high drought tolerance should not worry too much even in the long absence.

Spider wires are capable of absorbing harmful gases in the home for a short time. It can transform carcinogenic gases in the air like aldehydes into glucose and ammonium.

4. Tree betel:

Betel herbal stem has the heart, heart-shaped leaves. Branch betel nut she long and down. Medium and small leaves can be placed on the top of the cabinet, on the desk, hanging by the window to let the leaves fall down gently.

Travertine is one of the most popular home-grown plants. Trees help clean the air in the house. To plant next to the electronic equipment will absorb radioactive material emitted by computers, TVs, printers, …

5. The tiger’s tree:

Plants are easy to live, so it is suitable for people with less time to care. Tiger tree is a home decoration or chosen as gifts for relatives, friends, partners to good luck, welcome home, a welcome homeowner.

Plants also detoxify, because it filters out gases like formaldehyde. As formaldehyde evaporates primarily from personal hygiene products, the tiger’s tongue will be most effective when placed in a bath.

6. Tree of the bar:

The long-stemmed tree is grassy, ​​climbing, fat-stout, soft-rooted, with many parasitic hooks, easy to grow, easy to propagate. Evergreen trees that are still green, winter leaves do not wilt should be considered as sandstone, widely used in decoration, garden landscape with many advantages.

In feng shui, thousand years is suitable for people working in the field of investment, business, investment securities or new markets, new fields. Vien Dong is often used to chemically neutralize gas, or to promote, activate the Four Quarters – the master of science.

7. Aloe Vera:

Aloe Vera, also known as aloe vera, is a perennial herb. Aloe vera is green, not stalked, coarse, dense, 3-sided, the edge is thick and serrated. Aloe vera plantings in the home and at the workplace help purify the air because the plant can absorb aldehyde formic, carbonic, carbon dioxide.

Families should plant at least one aloe vera plant in the home as it not only has a beneficial effect on beauty but is also good for human health.

8. Twisted ball chain:

Seeds are herbaceous plants, branches are soft, dropping beautiful. Leaves of dense shoots on the branches, small leaves are cylindrical about 1-3 cm long, succulent and pointed at the tip of the leaf. Seeds are light-tolerant species with low water demand and therefore have high drought tolerance. Seeds are asexual when leaves fall to the ground will take root and create new individuals.

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