The magic effect of a lotus leaf

The lotus is both food and medicine. When it comes to the medicinal effect of lotus trees, most people usually think of lotus seeds, lotus seeds, bowls, lotus seeds, lotus seeds … and few people mention leaves. In fact, lotus leaves have a lot of uses that you may not know.

Traditional oriental medicine doctor Nguyen Xuan Huong said, in traditional medicine, lotus leaf has a bitter taste, calculated average. In the past, fresh lotus leaf was a popular medicine in folk, used to treat diseases caused by the low test such as sunburn, sunburn, abdominal pain diarrhea … Dry leaves, or burned used to treat bleeding.

According to the results of modern research, in addition to the effects that ancient people have discovered, lotus leaf also has the effect of reducing fat and atherosclerosis, because there are many types of alkaloids and flavonoids in particular. In addition, the detoxification effect. Currently, lotus leaf is also used to prevent and treat obesity, prevent high blood pressure, high blood fat, atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease and cholecystitis. According to experts, the elderly body has weakened, cerebral arteries have been scleroderma, or have been hemiplegia due to a cerebrovascular accident, so often used lotus leaf.

Here are some uses of lotus leaf:

– Anti-dehydration: For those who have diarrhea, the body is dehydrated. Remove young leaves (rolls are not open as possible) clean, cut, squeeze juice to drink several times a day. Or chopped, mixed with vegetables, eaten daily.

– Treatment after the birth: lotus leaf (or dry lotus leaf) 20-30 g, small canopy, drink with water, or sharp with 200 ml of water to 50 ml drink once a day.

– Insomnia: 30 g dried lotus leaf is washed, chopped, dried, dried (or reduced to boiling water) to drink, which is greater than the lotus heart.

– Dengue fever: lotus leaf 40g, lotus or grass 40g, 30g cheeks, seeds code 20g, sharp drink on a thang. If the hemorrhage is high, it may increase the dose of leaves and lotus to 50-60 g.

– Bleeding, bloody diarrhea: lotus leaf 40 g to live, cheeks 12 g gold star, chopped, sharp with 400 ml of water to 100 ml, taken twice a day.

– Coughing, vomiting blood: lotus leaf, lotus flower, birthplace (each 30 g), diarrhea, wormwood (each 20 g). All chopped, dried, sharp drink during the day.

– Relieve eye pain: lotus leaf, flowers (each 10 g), 4 grams of yellow flowers, drinking also treats high blood pressure.

– Acne boil: Use outside, lotus leaf nipple cooked water to wash, then take the lotus leaf washed, crushed with sticky rice, melting acne boil.

– Prevention of obesity: fresh leaves 1 leaf, 100g rice, cooked porridge with white sugar, can also add green beans to increase heat detoxification. Without fresh lotus leaf, dry lotus leaf may be used, but before soaking it should be softened. Or drink lotus tea daily.

In addition, lotus leaves bring water to boil, drink tea instead of hot summer days to fight the heat, cool, cool, thirsty.

Side effects of lotus leaf:

MSc. BS. Nguyen Thi Hang, Deputy Head of the Department of Traditional Medicine, Vietnam Academy of Traditional Medicine. Dr. Doctor said in the lotus leaf medicine is bitter, slightly chewy, light aroma, cool, effect test, uplifting, blood only. Lotus leaf used as medicinal must be the green leaf, intact leaves, no worms, no holes. Oriental medicine use lotus leaf as a sedative, cure insomnia, fever, mouth dry thirst.

In lotus, lotus leaf is defined as cool, vase, not move, but if overdose or arbitrary, it can also become harmful substances. Patients with lotus leaf poisoning may experience symptoms such as numbness of lips, tongue, and lining of the mouth, nausea, panic, pale skin, cold limb, sweating, convulsions, Difficult to catch, heartbeat slow, uneven, cardiovascular disorders, hypotension … In addition, the effect of heat bar in the lotus leaf can make people with diarrhea, temperature lowering, limbs cold many subs.

As a result, consumers are advised to be wary of functional products made from lotus leaves, which should be used only when absolutely necessary, avoided arbitrarily and always wary of possible allergy risk. when. Before going to the doctor or pharmacist, tell your doctor or pharmacist what kinds of supplements you are taking or intend to use them for healing.

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