The use of tapioca powder and the most effective way

Today, humans are thought to be “eat to die”. The food we consume daily is the main problem that the body’s immune system is deteriorating, the disease is increasingly dangerous. Therefore, the use of food therapy will be the best way to fight against diseases caused by eating the wrong way out. With the use of tapioca powder will be an effective help to help your body solve the problem.

The fact is that industrial life is increasingly developing, the healthier the investment is and the health care needs of the people are also gaining more attention. But that does not mean that our health is better. Many statistics have shown the opposite: every 2 seconds a person died from cardiovascular disease, every 6 seconds in the world one person died of diabetes, in Vietnam alone, there are nearly 300 deaths everyday cancer, … Why so? Our lives are in trouble. And the problem lies in: environment, lifestyle, and eating. In it, eating is the easiest and most likely cause of illness.

Many scientific documents have proven that applying the method of food therapy will be the best way to help you solve the problems of the body. Come here, you do not have to find for yourself expensive pharmaceuticals, rare, … because the substance, the use of cassava flour and some other familiar food if built a regime Properly, it will also be an effective remedy for you.

Use of cassava flour

The striped wire acts as hypothermia, improve circulatory and cerebral circulation, reduces blood glucose, regulates dyslipidemia, lowers blood pressure, antiarrhythmic, detoxifies and protects the heart. hepatopancreas, anti-aging, and cancer, active prevention of respiratory infections, improve the body’s resistance to oxygen depletion … Here are some ways to use tapioca powder in schools. Common diseases:

Cure fever: 1 day to use about 10 to 16 grams of cassava powder mixed with water to filter.
Treat sunburn, fever, headache: Use about 12gr of cassava powder mixed with sugar and water to drink. Or can be used together with the sand base, bean.

Treatment of fever accompanied by vomiting: a combination of four medicines include sand root + sanitation + chi and tapioca + each type of about 15 to 20gr.

Heat up the stomach, throat, and thirst: use about 120gr of pure tapioca powder, combined with 15gr of plain rice. Note that you should soak the rice before cooking. This mixture is cooked porridge and can be eaten regularly will be good for the body.

Cure alcohol poisoning: tapioca 30gr + royal 4gr + talc 30gr + licorice 15gr. The mixture is then ground into fine flour, then mixed with water.

The best way to drink for health

– No matter what, too much is not good for your health. So to prevent unwanted side effects, the best way to drink cassava is to drink ripe and not drink more than 1 drink a day.

– The habit of marinating grapefruit into cassava is to make the drinking water more fragrant, however, this habit should be dropped by the pomelo flower to significantly reduce the medicinal properties of cassava flour.

– For children, cassava flour is a type of starch filtered from cassava and live in “live” type, with very strong welding properties. Children’s organs are generally weak, so if you live in the cold stomach, diarrhea. Feeding the cassava roots will help to reduce the amount of cassava, while also helping to absorb and absorb better. For pregnant women

For women in pregnancy, if your body is hot, drinking cassava is very good, but if you find your body is cold, your body is tired of showing signs of hypotension, you should not drink for use. The cassava flour will increase the coldness of your body makes you more tired.

In cases where pregnant women show signs of being pregnant, but the uterus contractions are too much, it is not allowed to use cassava flour.

-It is best not to drink more than 1 cup of cassava per day for healthy people. Do not drink live cassava that you should boil. In particular, just give a little sugar, because drinking sugar will not be good for health.

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