Using the Huawei Site Kit for Your Next App Project

by Priscilla

Not much is known about the HUAWEI site kit. There are even developers that haven’t even heard of it. Let’s talk about what it offers and what are its main features. Most people know that it came out of necessity due to the trade war between China and America and that Huawei somehow managed to be in the line of fire.    

In any case, the Huawei site kit is here, and it seems that it has a lot to offer to those interested in developing location-based services. Here is an overview of some of the best things you get when you decide to include the Huawei site kit in your app development project.

1. First of all, the Huawei site kit is a set of tools that are designed and centered around the idea that we should be able to easily and efficiently explore the world, wherever we might be. Not only the user can explore the nearby world, but also use local services and learn about them. All that is based on the user’s location.

2. The search function is one of its most powerful tools. Its smart search more than often knows what you are searching for, way before you complete your search. Its autocomplete function is spectacularly intuitive, which means you get to spend less time over your device and more exploring the world that surrounds you.  

3. The geocoding function is there not just to help you find street addresses and locations, but also to help others get to you with ease. Thanks to geocoding, you can convert any street address into coordinates, and the other way around.

4. Whatever you are searching for, you are given choices, and nothing is favored on account on something else. For example, if the user searches for nearby hotels, the user will be given a list of all the nearby hotels presented in a list and on a map. Furthermore, you can check each establishment and learn a few things about it before choosing where you will stay. 

5. Not only you won’t get lost in space, but you won’t get lost in time as well because of the time zone function. The Huawei site kit has a feature that takes the user’s location and automatically calculates the local time zone.

6. The Huawei site kit supports 13 popular languages, covers over 200 countries, and features over 130 million places in its databases. By any standard, that’s excellent coverage and an excessive pool of data. All that is conveniently packed within the Huawei site kit and easily accessible.  

7. Developing apps using the Huawei site kit is considered fast and easy. Furthermore, they offer around the clock technical support that is based on a ticket system. At the same time, newbies can access a set of training videos that explain everything one needs to know about Huawei’s site kit, as well as other resources and tools supported by Huawei.

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