What is the disease? HOW TO USE FRUITS

Noni is a scientific name of Morinda citrifolia, belonging to the family of coffee. In our country, many grow in damp areas along rivers, streams, ponds or canals throughout the southern provinces and some central provinces.

 Medicinal use includes all fruits, roots, leaves, nuts. Up to 150 substances are found in the fruit, including Iron, Calcium, Zinc, Copper, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Folic Acid, Magnesium, Phosphorus and many minerals…

 In addition to these available preparations, the particular creamy contains the prexonine compound. When combined with the enzyme prexoronase (in the stomach) will form xeronine. When proteins combine with xeronine to form blocks capable of producing energy and helping healthy cells grow well

 According to oriental medicine, laxative effect laxative medicine, hemophilia, cough, hallucinations, asthma, tendon pain, diabetes, healing, support the immune system, anti-inflammatory.

 According to oriental medicine, the roots have a laxative effect, diuretic, calm the nerves, reduce pain, lower blood pressure, laxative and diuretic; Leaves are effective to increase the strength, reduce fever, regulate menstruation (crush the pimples, skin on the skin or drink to treat dysentery, fever and make tonic).

 According to oriental medicine, bruised tree to boil water for women after the birth of blood.

 According to research results of modern medicine, Crepe contains more than 40 times more prosertonin than pineapple. When this substance is combined with a serum-producing intracellular enzyme, it is capable of repairing and regenerating the body.

The following is the best use of fruit cure and best use of fruits:

I. To use:

To increase the ability to absorb, digest, use vitamins, herbs, and minerals. High antioxidant capacity helps prevent damage to free radicals.

II. Pain relief:

Relieve pain in the body such as back pain, neck, muscle pain, nervous and pain such as tension, migraine.

1. The use of nourishing headache treatment chronic migraine, migraine: Root 24g, buffalo 12g, mill 12g, cheeks 12g, bears (star, impregnated) 8g. Pour half a liter of water, shade 250ml. Divided into 2 drinks a day, while drinking hot medicine.

2. The use of nourishing cure for back pain, fatigue, numbness: the roots are firmly dried, yellow star (about 1/2 kg), soaked with 2 liters of 450 alcohol in half a month, before a meal little glass.

3. The use of cremation Cure back pain, hand aches and pains: crushed old fruit sliced ​​200g, soaked with 2 liters of alcohol. 2-3 times a day, 20 – 30ml each.

4. Use fruit cure Cure mild rheumatic diseases: Root roots 20g, bone pain 20g, roots 20g, 20g grassroots, 20g licorice roots, licorice wire 6g. Drinks on a ladder, divided 2-3 times a day.

5.  Nourishing Nourishing Nourishment of the back of the kidneys: 12g buds, 8g chopped vegetables, 8g chopped 8g, 8g chickpeas, 8g chickpeas, 8g chickpeas, 8g berries, ivory roots 8g 12g. Pour half a liter of water, shade 250ml. Divide 2 times a day (hot drink).

III. Nutritional Use Immune system:

Stimulates the production of T cells – cells play a key role in fighting disease. Helps lymphocytes and lymphocytes to work. Can attack multiple types of bacteria, inhibit precancerous growth and growth of cancer by allowing normal cells to return to normal.

IV. The use of nourishing anti-inflammatory:

It is effective in the treatment of musculoskeletal and joint diseases such as arthritis, bone pain syndrome. Reduce pain and reduce swelling with symptoms such as bruising, tingling and burns. Effective in the treatment of sores prevent rash.

V. Effective use of cure High blood pressure:

Chopped small roots dry, 30-40g each time brewed drink water change all day. After a period of 10-15 days, check again, if blood pressure decreases, the rooting percentage slowly and drink continuously for 2 months, blood pressure will be stable.

Effect of cassava, diarrhea, fever: Freshly cut leaves 3-5 fresh leaves cooked with half a liter of water to 200ml divided by 2 times a day. Drink 3-5 consecutive days.

Weight gain: 24g, Thao determine 12g, 8g chives, 8g hams, 6g grapefruit, 3 ginger. Pour half a liter of water, shade 250ml. Divide 2 times a day (hot drink).

VIII. Use cumulative effect Cure menstrual disorders in people with high blood pressure:

Fruit 20g, 20g sample, Perfume (bears) 12g vinegar, Leguminous herb 6g. Drinks on a ladder, divided 2-3 times a day.

IX. Cracked fruit use in people with high blood pressure:

eat fruits with a little salt.

X. Cracked fruit use Cure many diseases:

Medicine and science have shown the useful of cravings to the stomach (diarrhea, heartburn, nausea, colitis, gastric ulcer), organs liver and spleen (diabetes, pancreas), respiratory system (asthma, sinusitis, emphysema), endocrine system (pathology) cardiovascular system (heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke), nervous system (stress, asthenia, memory, energy), …

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