What is the effect of Black Radiance? 8 Effective treatment

Blackcurrant is not just a common plant, it is a valuable plant species especially for human health. What does black radiation treatment, what disease? We will find out soon.

How to recognize the black maple

How can we distinguish between black and black maple trees?

The distinction of fresh plants:

  • Gold foil is thin, green, leafless and without purple, the stem is green.
  • The black leaf is thicker than the yellow one, the leaves are dark green and purple, the trunk is dark. This issue people pay close attention.

Distinguishing trees when dried:

It is difficult to distinguish between black and yellow irradiation. But it is not indistinguishable, we will point out some ways that readers will be able to perceive:

  • Yellow leaves:Dry leaves are very brittle and easy to crush when smelling the smell of hymns, hollow body, white, and light, trunk when dry body smell, the body does not taste anything.
  • Dry Black Chlorophyll: When dried, black mulberry leaves are lightly scented, leaves are not brittle and crushed like yellowish gold.

There are several types of black ray

Black radiation is the only one. In terms of irradiated plants, there are all nine types of pottery: black radio, yellow gold, red radiation, white radiation, radiation…

The musings of Muong are called musings, and they are musings (old, elderly people in the village). This sentence implies that black orchid is a tree that is highly valued in traditional medicine in Hoa Binh.

There is also a type very similar to black radiation, the people called hybrid radiation. These hybrids are very large, usually have a diameter of 5 to 10 cm (so when the chopping must be crushed into small pieces to be dried). Each hybrid tree was harvested by hundreds of kilograms of trees.

Peaceful black ray

Peaceful black ray is a shortcut for many people about the plant and black radiation in Hoa Binh province. The name is called peace black maple is because this is the place where the first black maple trees in our country.

In addition, the black orchid is peaceful thanks to the regional characteristics of land and climate but also for higher quality than those of black-spotted orchids grown in other localities.

Where are the black ray plants?

Black-ray plants were first found in Hoa Binh by Professor Le The Trung (formerly director of the Military Academy) and his colleagues found the distribution of black maple trees in the high mountains of Hoa Binh, He was especially interested in the effect of cancer on this plant. He conducted a thorough research on the effectiveness of cancer treatment of Hoa Binh black houseplant and was home recognized in 2002.

Professor Trung discovered black maple trees in 1998. He found the presence of black maple trees in some areas of Hoa Binh province such as Phu Vinh commune, Phu Cuong district of Tan Lac district, In addition, black-spotted hybrids were found in high mountainous areas of Lac Son district and Kim Boi district.

Later people in some neighboring provinces like Vinh Phuc, Son La, Thai Nguyen, and Tuyen Quang have bought seeds and developed black pepper plants. At present, black pepper is not only in Hoa Binh but also in some mountainous provinces in the North of Vietnam.

How to plant black radish

There are two ways to plant black orchid that is sowing seed and cut branches.

Option 1: Sowing black seed.

Method 2: Cut the branches.

Branches selected for seedling production should be healthy shoots, shoots should be about 15-17 cm long, after cutting should be embedded in root stimulant to ensure the vitality and development of the plant. when cut

What are the effects of black radiation?

Modern medicine has recognized the supportive effect of cancer treatment of black moth by Black Leaf Research by Professor Le The Trung. Today black pigeonpethers have been used extensively in modern medicine. Traditional medicine also recognizes that black radiation has a bitter taste, weld effect, effective treatment of pimples, inflammation, detoxification, decreased secretion in cirrhosis of the liver, increased resistance to the body, supports cancer treatment and limits the development of tumors.

  • Black Radiation cures cancer
  • Cure fibroids
  • Black radiation therapy for high blood pressure
  • Cure insomnia
  • Black radiation treatment of skin diseases, hemostatic
  • Fatty liver, diabetes
  • Black ray helps to heal the liver, detoxify
  • Treat inflammation
  • Side effects of blah

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