Do you think a fanny pack is outdated? Read this!

by Priscilla

A fanny pack is a great fashion resource, but sadly, it is greatly underrated, misunderstood, and despised in this modern age. A lot of people have misconceptions about it, and when adults resent a particular thing, children who see these adults as role models may not be enthusiastic about it either. Just like, a whole generation will pass away without experiencing the goodness of fanny packs.

One of the common misconceptions about fanny packs is that it doesn’t last long. On the contrary, it lasts longer than expected. If you still have doubts, you can go for a waterproof fanny pack. That way, you’re certain it won’t get damaged even when dipped in water.

Do you still have doubts?

Here are top reasons why everyone should have a fanny pack, and why your misconceptions about it are wrong.


Let’s go

You Should Have A Fanny Pack. Here’s Why

1. It’s super comfortable

People don’t fully appreciate how comfortable a fanny pack is. It takes the stress of carrying lots of things. For instance, if you wear pants, you can’t possibly stuff all your belongings like your phone, house and car keys, wallet, etc. into it comfortably.

Even if you can do that and walk around, how can you sit or squat?

But a fanny pack eliminates all of those worries. It helps you assemble all your properties without making you feel uncomfortable. Plus, it stays in a central and seeable location. Not only does it serve as a security measure, but it also prevents shoulder and back strains associated with carrying other types of bags.

Don’t forget that the bigger the bag, the more tempted you’ll be to add more stuff.

2. They are very versatile

A fanny pack can be anything to want it to be, and can serve any purpose you want it to- from creating extra space for your prophylactics, carrying personal equipment, to even holding legal weapons. There is no mile your fanny pack won’t go for you.

It’s a versatile bag that accommodates everyone’s desires and needs. It also comes in a slight range of sizes, so you have no excuse.

3. It doesn’t have to be fashionable

This is one of the most popular misconceptions people have about fanny packs. People think that fanny packs don’t improve their style levels. While they may be some iota of truth in that, a fanny pack doesn’t have to be fashionable.

Which do you choose?

A bag that is stylish and glamorous, or a bag that is functional and extremely versatile. Plus, several designer fanny packs are springing up in the market, so again, you have no excuse.

4. It’s very easy to travel with

We all know the slight hassles we face when passing airport security. A fanny pack allows you to carry only what’s necessary- from your passport, boarding pass, pen, a notebook, and other tiny essentials with lots of space remaining.

Your pockets will be empty, so you can pass through airport security freely.

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