What Feeding Devices Are Suitable For Dogs

by Priscilla

Feeding devices for dogs can be referred to as a sort of equipment that makes feeding your dogs easier. In a real sense, dogs are required to eat at least, twice every day. In a case where you are a dog owner but your life is a busy one where you barely have time for yourself, you would need to make feeding provisions for your pet. This is part of the reasons why feeding devices are required.

One such device that can make the feeding process an easy one is the automatic dog feeder. As simple as it may sound, not everyone fully understands the different types of automatic dog feeders as well as their Specifications. Bearing this in mind, we came up with the different types of automatic feeding devices that you should know about;

Different feeding devices for dogs

1. PetSafe Simply Feed Automatic Feeder

While looking for an automatic feeder, getting one that has been proven to be durable and can stand the test of time should be one of your major goals. The pet-safe simply feed automatic feeder is one of such. It comes with a timer that can be used to schedule multiple meals for your dog. In this case, if you own a dog who likes to feed as frequently as possible this is your best bet!

2. Little Giant Steel Chow Hound Dog Feeder

This dog feeder is also one of the most durable ones that everyone should get for their dogs. It comes with a magnetic door. This helps to prevent dog meals from getting stale and dry. For a dog to access food, they only need to have the door open using their snouts. You should consider this a good option.

3. WESTLINK Automatic Feeder

With Westlink automatic feeder, it’s possible to have quality and affordability in one space. It has an inbuilt voice recorder alongside a speaker that allows you to record your voice and call up your dogs when it’s time to feed. If your pet derives joy from sleeping at mealtimes, this feeding device would be ideal for them.

4. Amazon Basics Gravity Pet Feeder and Waterer

Using feeding devices for your dogs doesn’t have to very expensive. If you’re looking for a budget-friendly pet feeder, then this is one of the best options that you should consider. It comes with a gravity feeder and also, a Waterer. This means that you are getting double value when you opt for this. It’s made up of a transparent plastic that allows you to spot when the bowl needs a refill.

5. PortionPro Rx Automatic Pet Feeder

As an owner of about 2 to 3 pets, you may face certain issues when it comes to feeding your pets at a time. The PortionPro Rx Automatic Pet Feeder is one to look out for when hoping to solve this issue. That’s because you will have the opportunity to apportion foods to each deserving pet. To avoid problems rising at mealtimes, this is your best buy.


This guide provides us with some of the best dog feeding devices that every dog owner should buy this year. With these, you’re will surely have a great owner-pet relationship!

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