Finding the Best 3D Printer to Suit Your Needs

by Priscilla

3D printers are available in a wide range of sizes, features, and functions. It is essential to know that not all 3D printers will suit every user because different printers use different technologies. 3D printer technologies include Fused Deposition Modelling (FDM), Digital Light Processing (DLP), Binder Jetting, and Stereolithography. It is essential to understand the key things that can lead you to buy the best 3D printer like cr-10. The following are the factors you should consider before getting to the market to get a 3D printer:

The purpose you want it to serve

You have to know the purpose your 3D printer is going to serve. Know about what you are going to print. 3D printers can operate industrial service printing and desk production. Two completely different printers serve two purposes. It is crucial to consider the periods you will be required to print, how much time you want to use on printing, and where the materials you are printing will be used.

Material consistency

A 3D printer should have its material specifically designed to serve the intended purpose. Ensure you correctly confirm whether the materials have the properties you need for your printing. 3D printing technologies possess different materials prepared for their specific functions. It will reduce future inconveniences brought about by the wrong choice of 3D printer material. It is, therefore, advisable to pick the material that well suits your printing needs.

Check on the safety features

As they say, safety starts with you. Therefore, safety features should come first on your list of the things you will be looking for in a 3D printer. Most 3D printers become hot at the nozzle when printing is done; get to find a printer that automatically cools the nozzle to avoid too much heat that may cause adverse effects. If you go for a printer with a heated bed, make sure it is attached to the art of shutting down after printing is done. Excess filaments can easily damage prints; therefore, one should avoid that by automatically pulling back the nozzle when the printer is complete or paused.


Microns are used to measure 3D printers’ resolution power. The printer with the highest resolution is 100 microns, and the lowest is 20 microns. The highest resolution printer can print very tiny materials with a thinner layer height giving a smooth surface for the end product. Therefore, going for a high-resolution printer will be beneficial; the FDM printer has the highest resolution power of 100 microns, followed by the SLS with 60 microns. The DLP has the lowest resolution of about 20 microns. Easily adjustable printers are a good recommendation for this.

3D printers are becoming more affordable than before, which calls for more carefulness when buying one. Understand what you need to print and what your customers like most. Research on different 3D printers in the market see the customer reviews and their experience with each printer. The security protocols should be inbuilt for more safety assurance. By understanding all these, you can find the best printer of your choice at an affordable cost.

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