Getting to Know About Huawei Watch Fit

by Priscilla

Huawei Watch Fit is the most recently launched fitness tracker by Huawei. Although its design, features, and functions are strangely similar to the Huawei watch es, it looks more like a thinned-out Apple Watch. It has a rectangular body that makes up 70% of the watch and rubber straps. A single power button sits on the side of the main body. One tap to the side button brings the screen to life, and a second gets you to the app menu. The rubber straps fit snuggly, thus making it a comfortable wearable even during lengthy workouts. The monetary worth of the Watch fit makes it fitness functions tremendous in terms of benefits.

Unlike fit watch’s alternatives, Garmin and Fitbit, the bands are not interchangeable. The timer is not designed with an always-on display technique, and this saves the battery life considerably.


The delicate 1.64 inches of MOLED touchscreen display is a top-notch screen quality with a high resolution of 456 by 256 pixels. Als, the display is colorful and appealing to the eye, whether indoors or underwater.

Fitness features

If you’re into fitness and wellness, then this Watch Fit is designed to suit your needs. The watch presents animated workouts in 96 workout modes for both indoor and outdoor exercises.

Lastly, you will enjoy 12 work out classes with an animated teacher

Health features

A SpO2 sensor keeps in check the level of oxygen in your blood. You also get to know the data of your heart rate monitor and get notifications of unusual rates

The Huawei watch fit also features stress and sleep monitors to keep your stress levels in check and maintain a streak of your sleep hours. The sleep monitor helps you revamp your sleeping schedule for quality sleep as well.

A cycle tracker for women – keeps track of your menstrual cycle and foretells the time of your next period.

Battery life

The 180Ah Watch Fit battery guarantees ten days of battery life. Charging the battery to its maximum capacity takes a little more than one hour.


This Huawei Watch Fit currently goes for an estimate of $120. This price is quite a steal given the watch’s splendid fitness functionality. Secondly, it’s a 5ATM rating that makes it work for small water adventures for not more than 10 minutes. Lastly, it is sweat-resistant too, for the intense work out crowd.


  • Value for your money.
  • The Watch Fit has a distinguished AMOLED display technologywith a bright, attractive display.
  • It’s easy to operate.
  • Ample battery life


  • The design is a bit basic and unoriginal. It looks like Apple watch’s a skinnier cousin.
  • A third-party support app is missing from its notable features. The watch’s previous counterparts could let you share data with google fit. Watch Fit does not support data sharing.

Final Thoughts

The Huawei watch fit would make a great companion to most, if not all, Android devices. I would not recommend it to iPhone users because of its much-limited functionality when paired with an ios device. Generally, watch Fit does not considerably shake up the fitness watches market. All in all, it is a catch for casual users when ranked alongside its chief competitors like Garmin and Fitbit.

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