The best ways to get a car in Nigeria

by Priscilla

If you live in large cities such as Lagos, Port Harcourt, or Abuja, you would agree with me that having a car is essential. Lagos especially are prone to a lot of traffic. Waking up early, therefore, is key to reaching your destination early. You need a car.

However, the problem that could assist is how to go about it. What is the best way to get cars in Nigeria without getting scammed?

We’ve compiled three ways in which you can achieve this. Let’s take a look.

Direct dealership

The first way is a direct dealership. This means that you get to deal with someone directly. This kind of transaction is usually interpersonal. This means that you have to know the owner of the car or at least someone who knows the person.

While this method can be great as it allows you to get a car at a good price, it can also have some of its drawbacks. Getting a car that has been checked is virtually not possible. It can also be hard to get a car you really want with this form of transaction.

However, if you can, then you can really strike a good deal.

Buy a brand new car

Well, you always have the option of buying a brand new car in Nigeria. I mean who doesn’t like to look good?

Brand new cars are available in most car shops. Some people also deal directly with cars or import them into the country. Having a brand new car has great appeal. However, it’s important to look out for some drawbacks that might affect this style.

Buying a brand new car is pretty expensive in Nigeria. Therefore, if you do not have the funds, it might be better to actually go for used cars.

Therefore, weigh the pros and the cons before you come to a final decision.

Buying a used car

Getting a used car for sale in Nigeria is very easy. It encompasses also personal transactions and so much more. For most people in the country, this is the ideal method of getting themselves their first car.

So how do you make sure you get the right used car?

The best bets are middlemen who are trusted to get the work done. A good example of these middlemen is Yeebia. It’s important to clarify the type of car you want when looking for options on what to buy.

What to look out for in Middlemen when buying a used car

Let’s say you decide to actually get a used car in Nigeria. How do you choose the right middle man for the job?

To help you with this, we have a couple of tips which will come in handy in the long run. Let’s dive in!

Look for a measure of trust

The first thing is to make sure there is an element of trust between you and the middlemen. There are a lot of reasons to do this, especially in Nigeria. News of fraudsters looking for quick money is a lot in Nigeria.

So how can you do this? Most times, these companies are endorsed by their sales. You can also check out their website and their payment gateways. Usually, sites that use pay stack or PayPal have enough wits about themselves.

So make sure you avoid getting scammed.

Look out their reputation

When looking for a used car for sale in Nigeria, it is also important that you lookout for the reputation of the middle man. The middle man has to have a good reputation.

How do you find out more about their reputation? The good thing about Nigeria is that we all like to share our experiences especially as they happen. Therefore, this won’t be too hard. Also, there are review sites online that allow people to comment on their experience with online platforms. You should definitely give it a look.


When a sales company or a middle man sells you a car, they usually get a commission for their trouble. That’ really acceptable. However, some middlemen may charge a really high commission leaving you with less than you expected.

Therefore, when you are looking to buy a used car in Nigeria, try to go for middlemen who have a reasonable commission expectation.

Doing otherwise will mean that you have to cope with paying more than you would reasonably expect.

Buy a used car in Nigeria with Yeebia

Have you found a place to get a used car in Nigeria? If you haven’t, then you should definitely take a look at Yeebia. There are several reasons why Yeebia is a safe option for you.


Yeebia has built up a good reputation based on how they treat their customers. You can expect the best deals when using Yeebia.

They also provide their customers with the needed security to do business and get the best used car for sale in Nigeria. With Yeebia by your side, things are bound to get a bit easier.


Buying a used car in Nigeria with Yeebia is fairly reasonable. This is because they offer fairly reasonable deals. If you are on a budget, then these pricing methods will be even more appealing to you.

Hence, if you are looking to buy a good car at the right price, they should be your best bet.

Final Thoughts

Buying a used car in Nigeria is always going to have a bit of trouble. You’ll have to cover all your sources, find out more about the middle and pray that you get the car you have wanted.

However, things can be so much easier when you use Yeebia. While it’s never going to be a perfect ride, you can start off on a very good foot.

So what are you waiting for? Get your used car for sale in Nigeria with yeebia as soon as you can!

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