Three Main Types Of MTP Fiber Cables

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MTP Fiber Cables

MTP cables are a form of fiber optic cable with several strands. This type of cable is used with high-performance connections both on one and several ends. There are three types of MTP fiber cables based on their applications.

Types of MTP Fiber Cables

MTP fiber cables come in three types of body types which are trunk, harness, and fanout, which is also known as breakout body styles.

  • MTP Trunk Cables

MTP trunk fiber cables are commonly used to build up high data transfer capacity interconnects between fiber fix boards as well as backbone fabrics by fiber. One of the most common industry practice is running high thickness MTP trunk cables in between a variety of buildings. The purpose of doing so is to legitimately get to single fiber strands utilizing a fiber fix board or a particular fiber tape.

Each MTP trunk link can convey 8 to 144 individual fiber strands inside a solitary connector even though in every practical sense 8, 12, and 24 filaments are at present the most widely recognized implementations and financially accessible. Another regular practise usage of the MTP Trunk link is while interconnecting two elite QSFP+ optic handsets to build up joins supporting 40G and 100G rates of information transfer.

  • MTP Harness Cables

As referenced before and like the MPO connector, the MTP fiber connector underpins a hypothetical limit of 144 filaments for every connector. Anyway down to earth use restricts this to a limit of 24 fiber strands for every connector MTP Trunk outfit solidify 2 to12 MTP Trunk cables into a solitary get together. This is the favoured strategy for diminishing impression and proficient link the executives on account of running a lot of optic fiber strands. Contingent upon required compatibility of fiber optic gear and texture, each MTP saddle link can solidify at least 24 strands in two 12 connectors (12×2) or at most 144 filaments in six 24 (24×6) or twelve 12 (12×12) fiber connectors. These arrangements permit organize installers to hold a wide scope of similarity with MTP/MPO gadgets while likewise having the option to establish the framework for quicker information move rates later on. A typical practice incorporates utilizing a 24 (24×1) fiber MTP connector to move three individual 40G signals rather than a solitary 100G sign to expand the utilization of every individual fiber strand.

  • MTP Breakout Cables

MTP breakout or fanout cables (in some cases alluded to as breakout bridles) are utilized in the total of numerous 1G or 10G signals to repurpose equipment and accomplish 40G, 100G, or higher rate collection. A typical practice is associating different LC SFP/SFP+ handsets toward one side and a superior QSFP+ optical handset on the far edge. Elective applications incorporate diminishing pointless mass related with running various duplex fix strings and getting to the inner filaments through a fiber fix board or fiber tape for redistribution.


FGN Networks is one of the leading providers of MTP and MPO fiber cables in the market. The company manufactures the best quality cables for different applications.

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