Application for Automatic Recirculation Valves

by Priscilla

If you have an automatic recirculation control valve working in your centrifugal pump, you can rest assured that your centrifugal pump has the right protection while it works. Centrifugal pumps have to be one of the most useful items in any mechanical system that requires that type of pump. These pumps come at a cost, but they work best when they are well protected. The best protection for the Centrifugal pump is a valve. That valve will work as protection while still performing other functions. However, it all depends on the type of valve you use. There are general pressure valves that can work with Centrifugal pumps. But using these valves may limit the functions you will be performing with your centrifugal pump. Therefore, you will not want to make that mistake because a mechanical component requires a pump, it is almost useless without the valve. That valve ensures there is consistency in the operations of the pump.

If you are a technical person, you will know about the numerous types of valves you have in the mechanical industry. But the automatic recirculation valve ensures that your centrifugal pump is safe automatically. However, there are more functions than you can imagine other than protection. This makes this valve a great option amongst diverse industries. You may see an automatic recirculation valve work properly in the chemical industry, and this same valve will function properly in another industry. The working process may be different but the functions of the automatic recirculation valve will remain the same. In this guide, we will go over the working process of the air circulation valve and discuss different places where you can apply this valve.

How does these recirculation valve work

The main component of an automatic recirculation valve is its disk. This disk is the part of the automatic recirculation valve that feels the flow coming from the pump. Through this flow, the disk signals the valve to open or close its position. The positioning is done to make sure there is a minimum amount of flow passing within the pump. The sensitivity of the recirculation valve is not affected by the pressure coming from the pump. Therefore, regardless of the pressure in the device, there is consistency in the flow in and out of the pump.

What industries require the need of an Automatic Recirculation Valve

Anyone in the manufacturing industry needs a recirculation valve. As long as there is a pump working in the system, the recirculation valve is needed to give that pump adequate protection. Pumping is an important part of any production process. Therefore, when the pump goes bad, the production is put at a halt. Many products you see today started as liquids before they were solidified. As liquids, there is a need for a pump. Therefore the automatic recirculation valve is useful in the construction industry, and the paper industry, amongst others.

Application examples of the Automatic recirculation valve

Some of the application examples of the automatic recirculation valve include;

  • Protecting your centrifugal pumping device when pumping hot fluids
  • Protecting the pump at the beginning stages of pumping.

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