HEPA Filter Appliances that are Worthy Knowing

by Priscilla

With the increase in airborne related challenges and diseases like Asthma, the popularity of home air purifiers is rising every day. Like everyone else who owns a home air purifier, you might need to expand your horizons on applying HEPA filters other than on air purifiers. Most of the filtration systems in everyday gadgets use HEPA filters. This article will outline the common appliances that use HEPA filters. 

Whole-House HEPA Air Purifiers

These are standard filtrations units that you ought to know about. They use the HVAC system to remove allergens from the air. According to popular opinions, the whole-house purifiers are much better than the rest due to broader area coverage. You can use them in all the rooms of your house as compared to other air purifiers, which are restricted to one room use only.

HEPA Vacuum Cleaners 

You might have come across dirty on your sofas or floor even after immediate cleaning. This is because every time you enter your house, you carry dust with you. Crossing the room or dust-covered sofa makes the dust airborne hence dangerous to your health. Using a vacuum cleaner comes in handy for this purpose. You do not want to use just any vacuum clean but the one that has HEPA filters. These filters are effective in collecting dusty particles from your floor and sofas.

HEPA Air Purifiers

Most of these purifiers are portable and can only be used for a single room per moment. They are known for getting rid of dust and fine particles by using a fine mesh of HEPA filters. Most of these purifiers work best if they are allowed to run continuously. There are a variety of these filters that are adapted to specific needs. Some filters are best for getting rid of smoke, while others could even deal with unpleasant odours. 

Air Conditioners 

These come in different designs and styles. You might want to go to the one that is best as per your needs. You can install them on the ceiling or the side walls. Air conditioners contain fans that rotate while attracting dust to the HEPA filter fitted in the system. The HEPA filters are replaceable since they wear out after about six months, as advised by experts. Some filters are washable, hence saving a big deal in money and energy of visiting the store for new filters. 

Types of Filters that You Rarely Know About

1. Plastic Pre-filters 

These get rid of large particles but are not ideal for wonderful particles. If arranged in a complex filter system, they get to be the first in line to filter out larger particles in the system.

2. Antibacterial Cloth Filters

These are best for getting rid of any dust. They can also make a small effort in reducing smoke. They are, however, commonly used for getting rid of mould spores and pollens.

3. Activated Carbon Filters 

These are prepared specially from coconut shells. They are good at absorbing smoke and all kinds of odours from your living room.

4. The H13 Medical-grade HEPA Filter


This removes very tiny particles that are hard to be seen by a bare eye. They filter small levels and amounts of Bacteria and viruses like MERs and H1N1 influenza.

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