Tips to cut Aluminum with a CNC Router Machine

by Priscilla

During the cnc aluminum machining process, you want the easiest process possible. Already, the thought of cutting metal is worrisome. And although the CNC machine helps to quicken the process, you need to know the proper steps to take. Before you mould and shape aluminum into what you want, you will have to cut it. Cutting manually used to be the best method in the past because you need the right measurements. However, cutting aluminum manually is a tedious process, and in most cases, you never get the precise measurements. One of the best ways to go about cutting aluminum precisely is using a CNC Router Machine. A CNC router machine is one of the forms of Machine used for cutting aluminum.

Of course, the first thing you want to confirm is if the CNC router Machine can cut the metal. The answer to that question is yes, although it depends on the type of CNC router machine and the aluminum grade. If you have a CNC router with a small capacity, there is a limit to the kind of aluminum it can cut successfully. Taking the higher grades of aluminum to such a router machine will only be a waste of time. There are some factors you need to consider when cutting aluminum with a CNC Router. One of the main factors to consider is its stickiness factor. Aluminum has its way of leaving deposits on the tool you’re using to cut it. The deposits have sticky features that will affect your router in the long run. It is impossible to stop aluminum from sticking to your router cutters, but with the proper steps, you can reduce it. In this guide, we will show you how you can cut Aluminum with even the most minor type of router machines. Follow these easy steps;

Never rush

Patience is the first skill you need to work on when you want to cut aluminum with a CNC router. The router will cut the metal, but it doesn’t work like magic. You can not carry the biggest part of the aluminum you want to cut and Place it immediately. You have to start small and keep going at an optimal pace. It does not go on to mean that you should cut very small pieces, but at least cut optimally.

Calculate the feeds and speeds

Cutting aluminum is going to be a daunting task for your CNC router. The feeds, speeds, and other parts of the machine are going to be overworked. Therefore, you may want to get the right calculator to make calculations before you start using the CNC router.

Always use CNC routers that have bits

The type of router machine you want to cut the aluminum with is important. The router must have cutters that come in bits. You can’t use a CNC router that has compression cutters, amongst others.

The cutter diameter shouldn’t be large

As much as you can, ensure the cutter has a small diameter. The small diameter concentrates the force of the cutter on a specific part. Therefore, there is more concentration of the force on a part, making it more successful.


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