The pros and cons of an electric motorcycle

by Priscilla

Whether you love electric bikes or hate them, they are not going to go anywhere. They are here with all the pomp and show they have. They are brilliantly practical. We have seen the success of Tesla’s electric cars. As they are gaining popularity, electric motorcycles like L3E electric motorcycle are also destined to make a mark in the world of motorcycles. What has really made the electric motorcycles take off the ground finally is the advancements in battery technology. These advancements allow the electric motorcycles manufacturers to produce light-weight and small-sized containers that can be easily fitted into the motorcycles.


  • The biggest advantage of riding an electric motorcycle is that you have to spend around two bucks on recharging and you can ride it for a hundred miles. That’s a very low amount as compared to what you usually spend on a gas-powered motorcycle.
  • Also, you will be able to save time by never having to stop to fill in the gas. Recharge it from your home and go on your journey. There is a fact that electricity is produced by oil plants. However, the amount of hydrocarbons you use to combust in a gas-powered engine is very low as compared to the amount the electricity will consume to recharge the batteries of your bike.
  • The batteries last longer than they previously did. You will not have to replace your batteries sooner as the current containers of batteries can run up to over 200,000 miles. Still, the batteries retain over 80% of their factory-packed capacity.


  • As is the case with gas-powered batteries, there are a few drawbacks of owing electric motorcycles. The first drawback is that electric bikes cannot compete with gas-powered bikes if we compare them from the price perspective. The initial cost of electric motorcycles is way higher than other bikes. However, it can be justified because the electric motorcycle costs way less while it is on the road.
  • There are range issues as well. If you are one of the riders who love to speed and take the bike over 80 mph, you might like to keep a close eye on the meter to check the charging level. If you like to keep it below 80, it will work well. However, you will have to set the range first before you take it for a ride. Calculate how many miles you can cover with a single charge. Also, keep in mind if there are any recharging ports if you are going on a long ride on a sunny Sunday morning. However, as there is a solution to every problem. With the spike in the numbers of electric motorcycles and cars, there is a rise in the numbers of recharging stations as well. That’s good news.
  • The charging time for a full charge is about eight to ten hours. However, you can charge it for a few minutes of hours to get to your office or market for a single ride. As the storage capacities are rising, the new battery technology is also solving this problem too. The newest batteries have faster charging time.

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