What Does Vaping Do To You 2020?

by Priscilla

Smoking the traditional cigarette is one of the leading contributors to heart disease-related mortalities globally. But the effect of cigarette smoking is not confined to the heart or lungs. The habit affects the quality of life by damaging almost every organ in your body while affecting you mentally. Smoking is a challenging habit to kick out due to the addictive nicotine in cigarettes. So what does vaping do to 2020?

For many people aspiring to stop smoking completely, vaping may seem a better alternative stopover. However, vaping affects the body adversely, making them unsuitable as healthy substitutes for tobacco cigarettes.


How Vaping Affects Your Body

All e-cigarettes contain nicotine, which is the primary compound in traditional cigarettes. In addition to being addictive, nicotine affects body organs in the following ways:

  • Brain: Whether you are using a vaping pen or e-cigarettes, the nicotine you inhale during vaping severely affects brain activity. The highly addictive agent not only gets you hooked to vaping but also leaves you vulnerable to drug and substance abuse and addiction.

The resulting impaired brain function due to nicotine may affect memory and self-control, especially among younger smokers. Cases of mood swings and lack of attention and concentration are also common among e-cigarette smokers. Nicotine affects normal brain functions by impairing signal transmission. The integrity of signal transmission between the brain and the rest of the body is critical in maintaining proper body functions. The toxic metal residues in e-cigarettes also increase the chances of brain damage.

  • Heart: While nicotine is the only well-documented compound, e-cigarettes also have numerous unknown compounds. Nicotine and these unknown chemicals are highly addictive and overwork the heart by increasing blood pressure. The resulting adrenaline rush that nicotine triggers from the brain can easily cause cardiovascular diseases, which may be fatal. Your breathing rate will spike with an increase in adrenaline levels, putting you at risk of suffering from heart diseases.
  • Lungs: From irritation to severe lung damage, the nicotine and toxic substances in e-cigs come with adverse side effects. Severe lung disease associated with nicotine in e-cigarettes can manifest in the form of shortness of breath and chest pain. Victims may also experience breathing difficulty.

In cases where these symptoms are not handled immediately, fatalities may occur. Toxic metals residues from the coils of the e-cigs are arsenic and may cause lung and heart problems, as well as cancer, especially of the lungs.


Why Vape In 2020?

The growing popularity of vaping, especially among millennials, defies the well-documented effects e-cigs have on the body. The use of e-cigarettes among the young population is driven purely by the enjoyment factor associated with vaping. In some cases, the e-cigs in different flavors and may be laced with marijuana, making them a favorite pastime for some young people. Moreover, vaping might slightly help individuals seeking to quit traditional cigarettes.


Vaping has become a millennial pastime, common in parties and fun events. The lacing of the e-cigarettes with fancy flavors and marijuana has driven the popularity of e-cigs today. However, such widespread use defies the well-documented adverse effects of e-cigarettes on the body. From increasing the risk of heart attack to lung and brain problems, vaping causes significant health problems.

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