Path Of Exile Delirium: What to Expect?

by Priscilla
Path of Exile

2019 saw the Path of Exile players’ time rise to its peak since its release in 2013. It is not surprising that towards the end of 2019, Grinding Gear Games announced the release of Path of Exile on mobile and Path of Exile 2 on PC and Xbox. Path of Exile is popular in China, Taiwan, the United States, and some European regions. Its first release has no in-game POE currency, but with new gaming trends favoring in-game currencies, there is much to expect from the Path of Exile 2.

What to expect?


Many players of POE can affirm that the game witnessed massive improvement in graphics. In the upcoming version, players can expect to see the developers take visual enhancements and dynamic lighting to a higher level. A display of the game DEMO on ExileCon gives a glimpse of the promise of improved graphic experience for the player.

The Campaign

POE 2 is not going to be an entirely different game from its predecessor. Players can expect a sequel where a new plot emerges from the old story. Some characters and aspects of the previous version will be featured, while new characters and campaigns will combine to make a perfect blend. Path of Exile 2 will come with seven new act campaigns that will link to the death of insatiable Kitava.

The Enemies

New ones will replace some enemies you are familiar with in POE. GGG confessed ExileCon that they needed to bring in new enemy characters to keep POE2 up to date. Expect to see easy-kill minions and hardcore monsters in the campaign. The aim is to keep players challenged and maintain interest throughout the game.

The Classes

We can expect POE2 to retain the classes featured in the previous version with a little modification. For instance, the odds are high that how players equip and manage skills will be altered so that the classes will have unique capacities overall. A new feature that players are hoping to see is Shapeshifting. We hope that POE2 will live up or even surpass players’ expectations for the shapeshifting feature.

Gem Stones

GGG has hinted that there will be a significant shift in this aspect of the game. Players will have more opportunities to get gems and use them to achieve more in the game. The panel will be customized such that players easily check the types of gems gathered and easily tweak them for the bonuses and functions they offer.

Free Play

One factor that makes players anxious about the upcoming Path of Exile is the cost. According to GGG, POE2 will be available for free play on PC. There are chances the mobile version will be later released as free. Since the Path of Exile is free, we can expect GGG to honor their promise of releasing POE2 for free.


The path of Exile has always been interesting with its unbroken storyline. There are so many upgrades coming up on POE2. Players can still expect to use POE Currency to get special boosters in the game. All in all, we look forward to a better playing experience with POE2.

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