Which Equipments are Required for Wood Pellet Processing System?

by Priscilla

As technology develops, natural fossil fuels no longer meet the requirements of increasing human demand. For this purpose, scientists brought a lot of new inventions and finally developed the wood pellet, which became famous and ideal for daily use.

To start a wood pellet business, you first must understand wood pellet processing equipment. Wood pellets have become high in demand in recent years and can be widely used to keep your home warm and cozy, industrial boiler, and cooking.

We have a complete guide about what type of equipment is best for wood pelleting. So, keep reading this article and learn more about it.

Pellet Making Equipment

· Pellet Machine

The Pellet machine is the core equipment that plays an essential role in making wooden pellets. Pellet machine is available in 2 types. The first one is a ring die pellet machine, and the second one is a flat die pellet machine.

If you want to install a large-scale production line for wood pellets, ring dies pellet is the best option to consider. The best thing about this machine is its high efficiency, high cost, low power consumption, and weight.

For small-scale production, a flat die pellet machine is best. It has a small size that makes it perfect for smaller areas. It has a simple structure and production capacity of 1t/h.

· Screw Feeder

This pretreatment equipment is used to transfer material to the pellet machine automatically. It is a necessary tool to make the process steady and continuous.

· Wood Chipper

There are two types of chippers available disc chipper and drum chipper. The large one is a drum chipper which can process logs, planks, and crotches into smaller ones. Disc chip is for smaller use. It can process wood scrapes and barks.

· Hammer Mills

This equipment is perfect if you want to reduce the size of raw material. It has a toothed plate that is used for making pellets.

· Dryer Machine

This equipment is available in two types: an airflow dryer and a drum dryer. This machine is used to keep the moisture content normal of raw materials and make them qualify for making pellets.

· Pellet Cooler

It is the post-processing equipment that means it can be used after the pellet machine. This cooler is perfect if you want to lower the temperature and moisture in wood pellets. You can also call this equipment a counter-flow cooler. It is essential as it increases the quality of wooden pellets by improving the hardness of wood pellets.

· Pellet Packaging Machine

this equipment as it names used for wood pellets packaging. It is also used to weigh other granulate materials with fluidity. If you want to store wood pellets, pellet packaging in quality products is essential. Pellet packaging machine can save human work as its doe packaging, sewing, and weighing automatically.


Above mention, equipment is necessary to set up a plant for wood pelleting. Before buying, make sure to check its quality, branding, and details so you can save yourself from hassle.

All this equipment is necessary if you want to produce good quality wood pellets.

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