A walkthrough to how a Katana is made

by Priscilla

Katanas are very unique types of swords which became very popular during the early day in Japan. These days, it is used in fighting games like Iaido. Jiu-jitsu, Ninjutsu, and the rest.

Several people always ask us how katanas are made, especially when they see a good Katana in use.

Before we go into how Katanas are made, we will briefly explain the various parts of the Katanas and their uses.

What is a Katana?

The Katanas is made up of three parts.

  • The blade.

The blade of the Katana can be made up of either high carbon steel or folded steel.

Choosing any of these blades depends on you. The blade is regarded as the most important part of the Katanas for its cutting ability.

When the Katana is produced with high carbon steel, it becomes brittle over time, so a lot of swordsmiths decided to go for the folded steel method.

When the steel is folded, it changes the look of the Katana giving it that unique look that makes it highly demanded. Katanas made with blades of high carbon steel are mostly used by beginners.

  •  Tsuba.

The Tsuba is the round guard situated at the end of the blade, just before the grip. Most Katanas have their Tsubas decorated with unique designs to protect the hands on the grip from cuts.

  • The Saya.

The Saya is referred to as the scabbard of the Katana which is used to protect the blade. It is made up of light wood.

How are Katanas made?

The traditional type of Katana is made from a type of steel known as Jewel steel. To create this Jewel steel, several layers of iron ore are hammered at a temperature of 1300 degrees Celsius for three days and three nights.

After the hammering, the iron ore reaches a state where it contains no more than 1.5 percent carbon. This process results in a soft low carbon core. After a while, this core is covered with metals containing high carbon which creates unique and distinctive curves.

This is the reason while a cut with a Katana is more effective than a normal cut with normal steel. Today, there are a lot of imitations that are out there in the market. However, they cannot be compared to the authentic Katanas.

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So, there you have it. We have given you a breakdown of the parts of a Katana and how these Katanas are made.

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