Does Sculpture Matter in Modern Art?

by Priscilla

The art of sculpting tells so much about people, their history, and their culture. When we think of Ancient Egypt, the Sphinx is definitely one of the first images that one would think of. When we mention Ancient Greece, we are reminded of the sculptures and statues carved to depict the Greek gods and goddesses. When we say Ancient Rome, one of the things that remind us of their Caesars is the custom sculpture done to immortalize their being. We have pieced out a lot of history because of the existence of sculpture (link). This form of art reminds us of history and the stories continue to be passed on from one generation to the next because of their existence.

Is sculpture still relevant?

This art form has proven to last for thousands of years despite what nature throws at them. If you think that sculpture is becoming an outdated form of art – you are wrong. To this day, we still have sculptures being made to honor people and commemorate historical events. Sculpture definitely still lives!

Sculptures can be viewed from different angles and in various lighting. In fact, shadow and light can add an emotive power to the sculpture. People can explain its beauty and art in different ways.

Sculptures are also able to interact with nature. Sunlight during the day and the shadows at night can add some drama and beauty to it. Even those that are found in ruins still look majestic despite what the elements of nature have thrown on them.

This is definitely an art form that will always stay relevant no matter how high tech the world can be in the future.

Sculpture today

Photos always fade away in time. The fact that sculptures can last for more than a thousand years makes it a great memorial. And unlike the ancient times when your likeness being carved is only a great honor, anyone can do it now. People have hired artists for custom sculpture works such as busts or statues for loved ones, immortalizing a special moment for their own home or yard, and other personal works. Art like this is something that your family can treasure from one generation to the next.

Art has always helped define what we find beautiful and the art of sculpting is no exception. It can be used for aesthetic purposes – adding a unique appeal to our homes. It can be a remembrance of our loved ones who are no longer with us. It can be a conversational piece that your guests can bond over. 

Although there are easier methods to produce a custom sculpture these days like 3D printing, there are still sculptors that go by the traditional ways of creating art. The art of sculpture is still being taught in some schools to encourage future artists to take up the craft. 

Just as sculptures can last for a thousand years, the art and practice of sculpture itself will definitely be able to withstand the test of time. Learning the craft is definitely worth it.

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