Everything You Need to Know About Neodymium Magnets

by Priscilla

Neodymium or Ndfeb magnets are known for their strong magnetic power and high performance and are commercially available for use in various applications. They are ideal for heavy-duty tasks and come in compact sizes. Their magnetism levels are high and unparalleled compared to other magnets such as Samarium Cobalt and Ferrite. Several countries produce the magnet, but China is the leading manufacturer and exporter. In this write-up, we discuss facts about Neodymium magnets.

Facts About Neodymium Magnets

1· What is the History of Neodymium Magnets?

The magnets first existed in 1982 after the famous General Motors developed them. Previously, the Samarium Cobalt magnet was used, but after the development of the Neodymium alloy to form a magnet, its use began to reduce. Their development aimed to create a high-performance and economical magnet to replace the previous type. General Motors chose to produce Neodymium in powdered form, but other additional ways are currently used to produce it, giving the same results.

2· Why are Neodymium Magnets Referred to as Rare Earth Magnets?

Judging by the name, some people may think Neodymium is a scarce element, but it actually is very common and is used worldwide. The magnets are sometimes referred to this since Neodymium is among the components of the rare earth family. Properties of the rare earth elements are scattered and not concentrated in exploitable bonds like other elements like gold.

3· Are Neodymium Magnets the Most Useful?

Neodymium magnets are the most used magnets across the world. Since their introduction, their popularity has increased, and they attained a solid position in most industrial applications like medicine, the manufacturing of electrical motors, and renewable energy. These magnets are strong; hence they can withstand such heavy tasks and processes.

In addition, Neodymium magnets can be used in homes to craft and model items and make jewelry pieces. Most users prefer them to other magnets because of their compact size and the variety of shapes available. All this is enabled by their high performance, incredible strength, and ability to resist demagnetization.

4· What are the Common Neodymium Magnet Grades?

Neodymium magnets are strong and sturdy; however, the higher the grade, the brittle they become. The magnets are referred to in terms of grade, especially by the manufacturers, for easier identification. Some common grades include

a. N35

This magnet type is among the weakest kind, so it’s not ideal for heavy-duty applications. It is, however, one of the cheapest so replacing it wouldn’t be a big problem. It is perfect for cases where the weight and size of the object are not a priority.

b. N42 and N45

Magnets in these grades are strong and fit for use in several applications. They are suitable in industries such as the packaging and manufacturing industry to hold mounts, stands, and other items.

c. N52

This grade is ideal for volume production and has one of the strongest magnetic fields. However, the magnets are costly and tend to be fragile compared to other magnets.

d. N48 and N50

These magnet grades are the most popular and are used widely in most industries for production purposes.


Neodymium magnets are reliable due to their versatility, magnetic properties, and strength. They are one of the most valuable components for industrial applications and are more economical than other magnets.

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