Popular Metals For Making Personalized Chains

by Priscilla

Personalized chains (personalisierte kette) are popular jewelry commonly worn by women. They can be given as gifts or to commemorate special occasions. Examples of customized chains are chains with lockets, pendants, amulets, name chains, and engraved necklaces. They typically come in a wide range of chain materials which we will look at below.

Common materials used to make personalized chains

Common materials used to make personalized chains or necklaces

1. Gold

Gold has been used as a material for jewelry since ancient times. The main reason gold is highly used to make personalized chains, and other jewelry types is its aesthetic appeal. It is also highly protected against tarnishing. Gold is usually soft and very beautiful. Gold is also often combined with other metals to enhance its durability. However, this is only the case with real gold.

Note that the market features a wide range of sellers who deal with fake gold. They often take other materials and coat them with gold. Therefore, it would help if you were keen when purchasing gold jewelry. You can also make a conscious decision to buy gold-coated jewelry because it is often cheaper. However, you would have to prepare for the coating to shed after a short time.

2. Sterling silver

Another common type of metal or material used to make personalized chains is silver. Note that silver is a soft metal. Therefore, jewellers cannot mold pure silver into various pieces of jewelry. Silver, on its own, is also not as durable as other jewelry materials. Therefore, most of them use sterling silver.

Sterling silver is a combination of copper and silver. This combination results in more durable material. Therefore, jewelry made with sterling silver is often durable and attractive. It is also available in a wide range of styles.

Other materials often used are:

  • Copper
  • Bronze
  • Stainless steel

Materials used to add style and decorate jewelry

The materials or metals mentioned above are commonly used to make the chain part of a necklace. However, jewelers often use other fabrics to add stylish elements to the jewelry. Below are some of these materials;

1. Gemstones

Personalized necklaces with gemstones are very common. This is because the gemstones add an accent to the necklaces. They also bear some significant value and can be used as amulets (jewelry believed to bring luck or have some magic). Examples of gemstones that can be used as amulets are birthstones.

2. Diamond

Diamond plated personalized necklaces are also popular because they add sparkle and some class to the jewelry. Diamonds are usually embedded on the chain, pendant, or amulet.

3. Pearls

These are a more affordable option compared to diamonds and gemstones. Their affordability makes them equally or more popular than their counterparts. They are also beautiful and can be adorned on the personalized chain.

Final word

Note that the materials used to make personalized necklaces usually affect their cost. Naturally, materials like gold and diamond are often more costly. The material also influences other elements like aesthetic appeal, physical appearance, and jewelry durability. Among the metals mentioned above, sterling silver is often more costly.

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