Risks and Risk Management of Hoses and Hose Reels

by Priscilla

It is quite common to hear about cases of trips, falls, and numerous injuries that occur in workplaces. Workplace injuries account for much of company compensation funds.

The shiny, decorative, durable wall-mounted stainless steel garden hose reel can also be a reason to trip and fall. Literally.

Risks and Risk Management of Hoses and Hose Reels

Trip and fall

Tripping and falling occur when you unintentionally strike your foot against any object when you are in motion. Striking this object can cause imbalance and finally lead to falling.

One might ask, what part of the wall-mounted stainless steel garden hose reel can cause someone to trip and fall?

You guessed right! It is most likely the hose because the other parts of the equipment are hung up on the wall.

The hose. The hose is an essential part of the equipment. Usually made of rubber, is a flexible tube used to dispense fluid from a particular source to the intended location.

The hose serves as a channel to transfer or spray water. Spraying can take palace on your garden plants, plant pots, or just flowers.

Most workplaces make use of hoses. A lot of people also use hoses in their homes for different domestic purposes.

Thankfully, wall-mounted stainless steel hose reels came to the rescue. The wall-mounted hose reel greatly reduced the risks that come with dealing with hoses.

Even though the hose reel has proven to be a lifesaver time and again, in your workplace or at home, there is one thing people might forget to check for when they wish to purchase one.

Rewind speed

One should remember to ensure that the rewind speed of the hose reel is normal. This is an important way of creating a hazard-free workspace in your home.

When using a hose reel with a conventional spring, the reel is built to aptly store and maintain the hoses. This may create space for uncontrollable retraction which can lead to injury.

A hose reel user should carefully control the rewind process to prevent the hose from retracting at an unsafe speed.

Underage Usage

The hose and hose reel might seem like perfectly safe things to use. This may make some parents, guardians, or caregivers to allow children use the equipment.

It is advisable to never leave children to play with the equipment. Usage without the supervision of an adult is a very risky and counterproductive act.

However cute it might seem for young children to use; the wall-mounted garden hose should be placed at a height that is difficult for small children to access.

If for any reason they have to use the equipment, they should be under strict supervision and should use it with water flowing at very low pressure.

There is also a risk of trip ad fall, uncontrolled retraction, and self-strangulation if kids are eft und attended to when they make use of the equipment.


Protecting your family and friends from the seemingly harmless hose reels can be a challenge only if you neglect the risks associated with them.

The wall-mounted stainless steel garden hose reel will not hurt you or your family if you just keep safety in mind and act accordingly.

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