What is an artificial turf tennis court?

by Priscilla

Tennis courts are developed with different types of surfaces. The type of surface used depends upon the playing pattern of the player. Players can use the following:

  • Clay tennis courts
  • Concrete tennis courts
  • Artificial clay courts
  • Natural grass courts
  • Artificial turf courts
  • Carpeted tennis courts

Among these, the one that is most widely used to build tennis courts is artificial tennis turf. School tennis courts, residential tennis courts, and tennis clubs usually prefer artificial turf to develop their tennis courts.

Role of ITF:

You can quickly determine a suitable turf for your tennis courtyard if you are a tennis player. The international tennis federation (ITF) has built five tennis turf systems to fulfill the requirements of all kinds of players. The list of the five tennis turf systems is given below:

  • The slow tennis turf system
  • Medium-slow tennis turf system
  • The medium tennis turf system
  • The medium-fast tennis turf system
  • The fast tennis turf system

You can choose any of these according to the speed requirement of your tennis court. For example, if you want to establish a tennis court in the elementary school, you can use a slow tennis turf. A slow turf system will help the kids learn how to play tennis easily. But, if you have to build a courtyard for international tennis tournaments between professional players, you can choose fast turf.

Why do people prefer artificial turf tennis courts?

Of course, people are not choosing artificial turf systems without any good reason. There are certain features of artificial turf that are increasing its use day by day. Some of them are given below:

  • People have observed better performance of tennis players after switching to artificial turf. It is because the turf is softer and more comfortable and feels like natural grass.
  • Artificial turf requires low maintenance and is cost-effective in the long term. It can withstand all unfavorable weather conditions. Heavy rain or intense sunlight does not affect the quality of artificial turf. Turf blades are UV-resistant materials that maintain the quality of the turf.

Good artificial turf company:

You must choose a reliable synthetic turf company to install artificial turf in your tennis courtyard. Standard turf company will ensure the long life of the artificial turf system of your tennis court. An excellent synthetic turf company provides you with the following special offers.

Customized turf system:

In addition to the five turf systems designed by the ITF, turf companies can also provide customized turf systems. The manufacturing of the grass blades is changed to adjust the speed level of the turf. Short and dense fibers are installed in the turf for slow to medium speed. Longer grass blades are used when high speed is required on the tennis field. This way, turf companies can provide you with the desired speed limit for turf by adjusting the blade size.

Colour and size:

Artificial turf companies offer different color combinations of artificial turf. Mainly, the borders of the turf are distinguished by the white color. Using different colors increases your tennis courtyard’s aesthetics and gives it a striking look.

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