How Document Cameras are Used in Schools

by Priscilla
USB document camera

Technology has improved massively over the recent years. Devices such as document cameras were introduced to replace the old projectors, which were mainly used in schools, conferences, etc. Different types of document cameras are available such as the USB document camera that connects to the computer’s USB ports. This document camera has great features like annotating, highlighting, zooming in and out, rotating, and auto-focus. In schools, document cameras have bridged the gap between the digital world and the real world. In this post, we discuss the uses of document cameras.

Uses of Document Cameras

These devices have numerous benefits, and well, look at a few of them down below.

1. Allow Reading and Writing

Though physical books and reading materials are still present in schools, students can use the document camera to read and write without referring to a book. The teacher can display a textbook, storybook, or handout and the students follow. They get to read what is being projected as you follow through on the book. It also demonstrates handwriting, taking notes, punctuation, and creating sentence structures.

For smaller children, the use of this gadget makes reading fun and lively. During storytime, the kids can see the pictures and have an interactive session. Document cameras also help model the alphabetical order and reduce the use of textbooks in classrooms.

2. Show How Technology is Used

Everyone tends to understand better when things are demonstrated rather than explained. For students in the higher-level classes, a document camera can show the students how math gadgets like calculators or tablets are used. The teacher can integrate other teaching tools like geoboards, unifix, tessellations, cubes, and cards to benefits the students in their Math work.

3. Quiz Review

Teachers project the quiz using the document camera, and the students can see how they performed from there. Photos and graphics are also projected, and the students can compare their answers with those displayed. Through an interactive session, they find out where they went wrong and better understand the concept if the questions are asked again.

4. Bringing Science to Life

Demonstrating something in class happens at the same time. Previously, it was done from child to child or group to group so that everyone understands what is happening. Now, with the document camera, the entire class can learn at once. The camera makes images appear larger like plants, rocks, water bodies making observation interesting and better. Using the device, the teacher can record or takes photos of the lesson for use later.

5. Enhances Student Interactions

Having to focus on the projected work, they interact more, share ideas or problem-solving strategies. When each student focuses on their book, a good percentage isn’t productive and seems to drift away or indulge in other activities besides what the teacher is saying. Documentary cameras make learning interesting and lively

Bottom Line

Document cameras are essential devices for both teachers and students. They make learning much better and create an exciting and modern feel. They can be used for various subjects and have great benefits to anyone using them.

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