How to Match Your Hair Color With Your Skin Tone

by Priscilla

Have you ever been at crossroads in deciding which color will best match your skin tone? Going for experts in bundles with closures might cost you something substantial. Or, at some point, you might find it hectic and time-consuming to find one. Worry not; in this article, you will get all the information you need to know which color best matches your skin tone. Read on to get comprehensive know-how of the whole color selection process and details.

Know the Different Skin Tones

There are three types of skin tones that you need to be aware of. There are warm, calm, and neutral skin tones for ladies. Cool skin tones could mean dull and not very bright or shiny tones. Any tone that makes you comfortable and brings a smile to your face is considered a warm tone. The warm tones, as per experts, tend to be predominantly yellow and golden, so check on these variations. Neutral tones are a mixture of warm and cool tones.

How to Tell Which is Your Tone

According to experts, it is best to examine your body in the mirror closely. Consider your checking on the veins on your wrist. The color of your veins gives in the best way the skin tone that you are likely to have. If your veins have a mixture of colors, then you are considered to have a neutral tone. Green or veins that are olive give a warm skin tone. Your skin tone will be cool if you have veins that are purple or blue.

The Best Color for Your Hair Based on Your Skin Tone

Cool Skin Tone

It is best if you consider going for blacks if you have a calm skin tone. However, going for minor variations like chocolate color will also be or look great on you. These colors will add up some warm tone to your general skin tone so check them out. It is excellent if you will check out the different variations of back and chocolate or coffee colors.

Warm Skin Tone

Best colors for you if you are a warm-skin-toned lad would be browns and their variations. You might also consider going for honey blondes to give your skin a natural feeling and outlook. Any brown will be better on you, but so will the light black or light brown.

Neutral Skin Tone

This kind of tone is compatible with any color. However, as much as they are compatible, you will need to go for a color that looks vibrant on you, depending on the day’s mood. For neutral-toned people, black is trendy and common. Check out what variation works out best for you.

The Effect of Makeup on Your Skin Tone

Makeups change significantly the kind of skin tones that you might have. You can transit between warm and cool tones depending on the type of makeup you wear and the intensity.

If you think you love a certain wig color and your tone doesn’t allow you, better go for makeup to ensure the skin tone and the wig color matches perfectly.

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