Common Name Necklace Options You Can Choose From

by Priscilla

Name necklaces have been in existence for years in different styles and colors. However, there is a clear difference between those made in the days and those that are current. The modern-day necklaces are more stylish and personalized, improving one’s identity and look. The customization of name necklaces ( namenskette) involves having your name, your loved ones, child, or that of a close friend etched on the nameplate. We highlight the different name necklaces categories below.

Name Necklace Categories Available in the Market

Jewelry shopping is an exciting experience for most ladies, considering the different types and designs present in both local and online stores. It’s essential to familiarize yourself with each kind to know exactly what you want and make the buying process easy.

1. Style

Style is one of the significant factors buyers consider most. This category focuses on various name necklaces such as 3D name necklaces, two name necklaces, name, photo locket necklaces, and bar name necklaces. Most people prefer the 3D necklaces to others due to the multiple customization options available, like metal and other additions like gemstones.

The two-name necklaces are known for their infinity sign and are ideal for loved ones or a married couple and can also pass for perfect gifts. Each style is unique in its way, and one great advantage is you can have your name engraved in whatever language you prefer.

2. Material of the Necklace

Necklaces are constructed from different materials to suit various customers. Metals like gold, diamond, and silver and additional elements like stones and pearls are commonly used. The quality of the metals varies, which in turn influences the overall price of the necklace. Gold is the most luxurious and does not tarnish when exposed to environmental elements. Some jewelry pieces are pure gold; however, it’s rare for gold to be used alone since it’s too soft, so another metal is used to enhance its nature and make it durable.

Most name necklaces are gold plated, meaning the gold material covers the metal underneath. When buying gold jewelry, the word ‘karats ‘often comes up, meaning the gold amount in that particular piece; therefore, the higher the number of karats, the more the gold and vice versa.

Sterling silver is also preferred to silver which is an alloy of silver and copper. More materials have come up for designing name necklaces in recent years, which is an added advantage for style and breaking the monotony.

3. Technique Used in Development

Name necklaces have a solid and permanent name engraved on them. Engraving is the main technique used and requires a design expert to do the carving to achieve the desired look. The designer uses a variety of tools and machines example, the laser and drill cutting machines during the multiple steps involved, then later finishes the necklaces by shining them.


The customization of name necklaces not only symbolizes your identity but also enhances your style. Personalization varies depending on the style, technique, and material used on the name necklaces, plus several other factors connected to your preferences. Understanding the classifications is vital for easy selection and a great buying experience.

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