The CD Player – Why Is it Still Around in 2021?

by Priscilla

It is a digital world we live in and technological advancements have made it easier for gadgets to be obsolete as the years go by. But it seems that the CD player is still thriving and selling well despite these advancements.

Now that we have streaming and we can store our videos and photographs in portable hard drives, shouldn’t CD players be obsolete by now? Apparently not.

CD players are being updated

CD players may have joined the walkman as a thing of the past but audio companies are still releasing new models. Why? Music and audio sound best from a CD – there is no arguing with that. Audiophiles have a huge CD collection for their music and would still shell out money for a decent CD player than to spend a lot of time uploading their entire collection to a newer storage.

Laptops don’t come with a CD player

Recent laptop models no longer have a CD player. This made laptops lighter and slimmer but provided no way for people to access their CDs. Think of all the music, videos, photographs, and documents that you used to burn on CDs. With social media emphasizing how adorable throwbacks are, you will definitely want to have access to those old files, and sometimes, there is no way to get to them other than to get a lecteur cd. Modern players will allow you to transfer those files to newer storage too.

CDs are collectible

In the music industry, the arrival of music streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music caused a decline in CD record sales. However, the decline was not big enough for recording companies to stop distributing them.

Apparently, music fans would want something more tangible to show their love and support for their favorite music artists. CDs are still a hit in concert tours and music stores. They have turned into a collectible that they can display and listen to from time to time.

Just like vinyl records are still around, looks like CD records are here to stay.

CDs are forever

The thing about streaming services is that music artists can pull out their music anytime. If you get their music on a CD, you no longer have to worry about missing items on your playlist. The songs are with you forever.

Damage is minimal

If you buy CD albums, the loss is minimal in case you scratch or break one. That means you only miss out on one album and have to look for one replacement. Replacing a CD is also easy since they are sold at a cheaper price now compared to before.

Now compare the situation to when a hard drive is filled with your entire music collection or your cloud storage messing up. Now that is a loss that you may never recover from.

Last thoughts

If you have a huge CD collection and you do not want to part with them or do not have the time to transfer your files, do not worry – the CDs you have will not be useless. There are still a lot of CD players in the market and some are even upgraded enough to play digital music too.

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