Retractable Water Hose Reels vs. Expandable Hose

by Priscilla

The garden hose provides pressurized water to help you clean your car or water the lawn but it also comes with struggles. It is a bulky outdoor gear that can be difficult to store and untangle. Because of this, retractable water hose reels are more appealing to homeowners these days.

Storing your garden hose in the proper manner is very important so that family members will not trip over them outdoors or you do not accidentally mow over them when you are tending to your lawn. Proper storage will also make your garden hose last longer and work at its best.

Retractable water hose reels vs. expandable hose

When it comes to a retractable water hose system, you can choose between a mechanical reel that retracts the hose automatically or manually. Aside from retractable water hose reels, there is also a self-expanding hose wherein the hose will shrink when not in use, making it easier to store. But which one is better?

An expandable water hose makes use of a flexible design that allows it to expand when there is water pressure going through it. When you are done, you just wait for the excess water to drain out of the house and it will shrink and become more compact. Then, you can gather it and store it easily.

A retractable reel will allow you to release a desired length of the hose so even if you have it mounted on a wall, you can still move around freely with no worries. When you are done using it, the system will draw back the hose where it will be coiled and stored – this can be done automatically with a push of the button or manually where you will have to use a lever or handle to retract the hose.

If you want to do things effortlessly, it is best to go with an automatic retractable garden hose. It saves time and energy and allows you to finish up quickly compared to an expandable water hose or a manual retractable garden hose.

The manual retractable water hose reels may have a cheaper price but they are best only if you need a small length of hose. If you need to navigate a huge area, manually reeling the hose could be as tiring as gathering and coiling the house by hand.

Features to consider when choosing water hose reels

  • The diameter of the hose – this will determine how much water it can deliver under pressure. A larger diameter will give you a larger water flow but this would also mean less pressure. If the pressure is what you need, go for a smaller diameter.
  • Hose length – measure the total area of your space before purchasing your retractable hose. Most garden hoses are sold from 20 to 100 feet.
  • Material – be wary of hoses that are made out of plastic or vinyl as they are prone to leaks and splits. Choose hoses made from rubber since they are more durable.

Last thoughts

Remember, no matter what type of retractable water hose system you end up choosing, the most important thing is that it can be stored as compactly and effortlessly as possible.

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