What you should know about vaping

by Priscilla

A vape heats the flavored liquid to form a vapor that is inhaled. A wide range of vapes is available to choose from depending on the size, color, and shape. Companies like Relaxocig majoring in vaping devices are coming up fast. The use of vapes is growing in popularity among adults, seeking a healthier alternative for cigarettes; however, several dangers are linked. In this post, we talk about how a vape works, its risks, and its benefits.

How Does a Vape Work?

An electronic cigarette is made up of four parts that allow a user to experience vaping. They include the mouthpiece, atomizer, battery, and sensor. The battery powers the atomizer, which heats the solution containing nicotine, propylene glycol, and flavoring. The heated liquid evaporates and is inhaled through the mouthpiece and is expelled through the mouth or nose. Whenever the user sucks on the device, the sensor activates the heater, and the process continues. The flavorings are believed to make vaping less harsh than traditional smoking,

What Are the Benefits of Using Vapes?

1. Ease of Use

An e-cigarette may seem intimidating at first, particularly for beginners but how to use them is straightforward. By simply pressing a button, the vape turns on, and you go ahead to suck on it to produce the flavored vapor.

2. Variety of Flavours Available

There are flavors for every vape user. People are not limited to a single taste and can sample as many as they want. Some typical flavors available commercially include fruit, menthol, mint, tobacco, desserts, and beverages. If the provided flavors don’t excite your taste buds, you can create one by making your preferred vape juice.

3. No Odours Produced

When you smoke cigarettes, the smoke is given off, leaving a distinctive smell on your clothes, car, or house. The smell clearly says you’ve been smoking and isn’t pleasing at all. Vapes produce a sweet aroma that can go unnoticed.

4. Nicotine Control

Vapes allow you to control your nicotine intake by using electronic juices with varying nicotine levels. As a new vaper, picking the correct nicotine strength is essential. E-juice have strengths starting from zero to high, which is 50mg/ml.

5. Vapour Output Control

The amount of vape you exhale is dependant on you. Small vapes like pods have low volumes of vapor while others have high volumes. You can tune the vapor volume to suit you by adjusting the power output, coil used, and airflow.

Risks of Using Vapes

Vapes have great benefits but can pose a dangerto your health. Vaping is dangerous to children, pregnant women, and new smokers. The nicotine in the solution is addictive, making you want more and is even harder to stop.

Brain development is hindered, which is dangerous for those below the age of 25. It affects part of the brain responsible for learning and attention. Besides nicotine, several toxins have been identified and cause adverse effects to the lungs and other body parts. Examples include carcinogens, benzene, acrolein, and diacetyl.


Vapes and their products can be accessed in convenience shops, gas stations, vape shops, and online stores. This makes them available to any interested person, even those below the recommended age. You should take great caution because you might benefit from their use but get affected in the long run if misused. Understand both the pros and cons of using vapes, then make the right choice.

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