Is a pressure washer hose reel worth it?

by Priscilla

The work pressure washers do can bring tears to your eyes. They can be done across various surfaces and settings. Pressure washers are often called upon to wash cars and certain parts of the home. While the pressure washer does an incredible job, it still needs to be maintained to make sure it stays for a long time. This is where the pressure washer hose reel comes into play.

There are many reasons why you should get a hose reel for your pressure washer. This article will consider some of the most obvious reasons.

Top reasons why your pressure washer needs a hose reel

1. It keeps away the knots

If there is one thing that a pressure washer and a garden hose have in common, it has to be the knots. The knots will almost always come with constant use of both products. With the knots comes the slow damage of the hose.

All this will eventually lead to you getting a replacement. A replacement will mean spending cash and other resources. It will also mean doing another level of research.

A hose reel keeps the knots away by holding the pressure washer straight in its storage. This keeps the pressure washer in good condition and prolongs its staying power.

2. It’s an efficient way to store your pressure washer

One of the accepted patterns of storing pressure washer is by simply coiling this. Doing this is really viable. However, you still risk the possibility of your pressure washer disentangling and causing a lot of problems for you.

So, instead, use a pressure washer hose reel. With that, you will be able to store your pressure washer in a neat and tidy manner.

3. It comes in appealing shapes and colors

Also, these hose reels come in various shapes. You can even mount your pressure washer on the wall. This gives your wall a superb look. These mounted pressure washers are built in such a way that they blend perfectly with your home.

The hose reels will also come in various colors. This means that you can choose your favorite color and match them with the color in your home.

So, you can get the best of both worlds with the hose reels. You get a working tool plus some elegance too. That’s really the dream.

4. Durability

Hose reels for pressure washers also tend to last for a longer period. This means that you can use your hose reels without any fear that you might have to replace them any time soon.

Generally, the average time you can expect your hose reel to last will be 2-5 years. However, with careful maintenance, you can expect the hose reels to last for ten years.


So there you have it! It is quite clear that the benefits of pressure washer hose reels are undeniable. If you ever decide to get one, then that will be a brilliant idea. You just need to figure out where to get one from.

However, by following the link in this article, that should not be a problem.

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