What Makes JustForex Important?

by Priscilla

JustForex is a forex broker regulated by the Financial Services Authority in the jurisdiction area of St.Vincent and Grenadines. It was founded in 2012 and offers trading opportunities and conditions to forex enthusiasts to trade on different platforms, web traders, and mobile applications. From beginners to professionals, traders with any level of experience benefit from this platform since JustForex provides analytical tools and materials that make it easier for traders to trade. We expound on the benefits of using JustForex as a trading broker.

Benefits of Using JustForex as a Broker

In recent years, JustForex has grown in experience and clientele base. The main reasons for this are its compliance with the set regulation and client satisfaction by meeting their needs and giving them what they want. Other positive factors include;

1. Account Options

It offers various trading accounts, six in total that works similar to a bank account but with a primary reason for trading currencies in the forex market. The different accounts cater to different customers, such as the Swap-Free accounts that prevent rollover interest that is against Islamic Law. Based on the jurisdiction or country and the regulatory authorities, some clients can open one or more accounts while others are restricted to just one. The accounts have adjusted currencies to match where you’re from, commission, leverages and spreads too.

2. MetaTrader 4 and 5

JustForex uses the MetaTrader platform to trade and comes in two versions: MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5. MT4 is a traditional platform with simple tools and features, while MT5 is modern and has advanced features that clients appreciate and use to better their trading skills. However, it has proved to be a bit complicated to use for some people, but generally, trading on it is a great experience.

3. Multiple Withdrawal Options

Money withdrawal from your account is important for opening another trade or using it on other personal matters. Some broker platforms have limited withdrawal options, but JustForex has quite a number to choose from depending on your country, accepted currency, and set conditions. The platform allows the use of JustForex Prepaid Card, credit cards, Perfect Money, Skrill, FasaPay, China Union Pay, Local Malaysian Bank, and many others. Research on the best withdrawal methods and the type of currency it supports.

4. Minimum Deposit Required

Once the approval; and login of the trading account are done, the trader can deposit an initial amount of money, approximately ten dollars, into the account. However, the trade deposits the amount they wish using their desired method and the local currency in some cases.

5. Regulated Broker

The safety of a customer’s trades and investments can get threatened if the online broker is not certified and regulated by a regulatory body. JustForex operates under the authorities and runs a legal platform to benefit all traders. It complies with the set rules and upholds the security of the client’s money.


JustForex is a go-to broker that offers great services. It consists of highly qualifies team members that create a conducive environment for trading and customer satisfaction. When looking for a broker, JustForex is one to consider based on its many benefits.

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