Basic Information about a Garden Hose Reel

by Priscilla

If you are yet to get a water hose reel, for your garden then you probably don’t love your garden as much as you claim. As a gardener, owning a retractable garden hose reel is one of the best things you can do for your garden.

The interesting part is this, most of the limitations Garden hose reels suffered in the past have been eliminated through technological modifications. Modern water hoses are designed to be durable, with the ability to resist kinking.

Also unlike the previous ones, the modern ones are less bulky and they are easier to store. So you see, nothing is stopping you from enjoying the convenience of gardening or washing with an adequate supply of pressurized water.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. If you are new to the garden hose reel, you probably have tons of questions about it. This article will address those questions in closer detail.

Commonly Asked Questions about Garden Hose Reels

1. What Should I Look Out For When Choosing a Hose Reel?

Before buying a hose reel, there is a wide range of things to keep your eye on. However, you must have an idea of the qualities you want your hose reel to have. This will enable you to set your priorities right.

Also, the prices and product manufacturer should influence your choice. After you’re done, you will be able to make the best buying decision.

2. What are the Different Kinds of Hose Reels?

Usually, garden hose reels are divided in their order of functions and capabilities. The most common types are manual and automatic hose reels.

  • Manual hose reel- this is often accompanied by a drum and handle which helps for easy operation.
  • Automatic Hose Reel – This is completely automated. As a gardener, this eases pressure and allows you to do your job easily.

3. How do I Prevent People From Stealing My Garden Hose Reels

You can prevent people from stealing your hose reels in two ways. You can either turn off the major valve that supplies water or get a hose bib lock installed. A hose bib lock is better. That’s because it prevents the thieves from finding a way to unlock the valve. So, if you have your hose reel outside, you can trust not to lose it.

4. Can I use a Retractable Hose Reel?

If you already have the regular garden hose reels, you can purchase a retractable reel as it helps you to save costs. A retractable hose reel lets out the hose length you want. It also pulls it back in to store it in coiled storage.

While purchasing a retractable reel, you can look out for ones that can have mechanical assistance; it makes your job easier.

Final Thoughts

If you are interested in landing yourself an efficient garden hose reel, the questions answered above should help. Remember the focus shouldn’t just be on getting the tool that will serve you well, longevity should also be considered.

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