What are LED panels used for?

by Priscilla

An LED flat panel utilizes several diodes that emit lights. The diodes which emit light resemble those used in video displays. The brightness of the flat panel displays allows them to be applied outdoors. They are typically visible in the sun hence their use on store signs and billboards. Taxi LED display and destination signs have recently become very popular. In this post, we look at some typical applications of LED panels and screens;

1. Concerts and events

LED displays are widespread during concerts and events. These events use high-quality giant display screens on which they display essential content. The LED displays’ role in shows and events keeps the attendees engaged during the entire event. They can also be used to communicate important information like the hosts of the event.

2. Sports events and stadiums

It is common for sports stadiums to have large LED displays. The displays are usually used in every stadium during and before sports events. They are used for advertising upcoming sports events. The stadium managers also use them to allow the audience to look at the players during sports events. They usually display the entire game and event. They are especially beneficial during major events hosting thousands of fans who cannot correctly see the player’s moves.

3. Academic auditoriums

Universities, colleges, schools, and other educational institutions use giant LED screens in their auditoriums. The lead screen’s role is to help the management and tutors address all the students simultaneously. They are critical at events like orientations and special announcements where all students have to be present simultaneously.

4. Brand advertisements

Various companies and brands use large LED displays for advertising their products. They help the brands to communicate the message. Most of the time, the message involves informative information on different products, services, offers, and investors. Companies use these display screens as billboards on streets, public vehicles, and other marketing avenues. In simpler terms, they work as outdoor billboards.

5. Public vehicles

Highways use LED displays as message signs. They can be used to display departure and arrival times, among other relevant messages to clients. Taxis also use LED display signs to advertise themselves. They can also inform potential clients where the cab is going and increase the taxis’ aesthetic appeal.

6. Theatre

The entertainment industry uses LED displays in theatres as stage lighting. They are also used to display important information to help viewers understand and enjoy the entertainment pieces better. In the theatre, they are used for entertainment purposes as opposed to educational or informational purposes.


The design and size of the LED display screen used to depend on its purposes. For instance, taxi led displays are usually made up of 33mm galvanized iron materials at the base. Auditorium LED base lights are typically more extensive and more secured. It’s also worth noting that LED is commonly used in displays because it is cost-efficient, does not use a lot of energy, and it’s bright. Installation of the LED screen displays is usually done with professionals. When looking for the best person for the job, consider their experience and customer reviews.

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